Application deadline extension for "GREENANO Erasmus Mundus Joint Master"


The Istituto di struttura della materia (Cnr-Ism) is involved as a partner in the "GREENANO Erasmus Mundus Joint Master". GreeNano is designed by an international Consortium of three European major higher education institutions (University of Lorraine, France; Tor Vergata University, Italy; Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School, Slovenia) and Cnr-Ism (Italy) as a major research institution (Cnr coordinator Dr. Giorgio Contini) to strengthen European cooperation and enhance the quality of higher education. The multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.

GREENANO Erasmus Mundus Joint Master is a high-level and integrated study programme, at master level. It is designed and delivered by an international partnership of higher education institutions, as well as other educational and/or non-educational partners. The EU provides funding for both running these programmes and offering competitive scholarships to the best students worldwide.

GREENANO EMJM is dedicated to fostering the development of Nanomaterials for Green and Digital Transitions which require new performant and sustainable devices.

The programme will train a new generation of engineers, researchers, and sustainability managers to address the major challenges posed by green and digital transitions.

GREENANO programme offers enrolled students the unique opportunities to:

- improve key competencies and skills through learning from the top international experts of the EMJM Consortium;

- forge new mindset and approaches to academic studies through international, interdisciplinary, intersectoral and intercultural experience;

- enhance intercultural communication capacities and build up wide professional networks;

- increase the individual contribution to the knowledge-based economy and society;

- receive multiple degrees upon graduation;

- become globally-demanded specialists and expand the employment opportunities;

- explore new cultures, learn new languages and make friends from around the world.

 Applications new deadline is February 14, 2024 

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Franca Rossi
Student Secretariat - Area della Ricerca CNR Roma2 Tor Vergata 00133 Roma
Cnr Coordinator - Giorgio Contini, email:

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