3R4UB project: visit study to Ulaanbatar and civic engagement activities


3R4UB HACKATHON 2022 - "3RcontHacktUB"

In the framework of the EU Switch Asia-funded project "3R4s for sustainable use of natural resources in Ulaanbaatar" (3R4UB), coordinated by the Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development of the National Research Council of Italy, from 19 Nov. to 29 Nov. the Cnr-Iriss and Metellia Delegation, composed by Igor Scognamiglio (Cnr-Iriss), Cristina Visconti (Cnr-Iriss) and Vincenzo Pinto (Metellia), will develop project activities in Ulaanbatar hosted by Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation Centre (FWRNCC). 

The mission is aimed at further developing civic engagement activities. Indeed, one of the priorities of the project is just to share knowledge to raise citizen awareness and promote capacity building to create communities more proactive, capable not only of recognising the value of sustainable behavior and practices for their health and wellbeing but also of contributing themselves, in the long term, to the implementation of sustainable development models and more and more sophisticated sorting plants. In this perspective, educational activities, involving young students on one hand and professionals, institutions and businesses on the other one, play a key role in spreading at different levels a sustainable culture, feeding a circular economy process through a multi-channel strategy.

The major planned activities include:

- the HACKATHON 2022 - “3RcontHacktUB” (25 Nov.-27 Nov.), an initiative aimed at scouting innovative ideas and solutions for the design of an educational toolkit and materials for the project awareness campaign about waste recycling that will be conducted in partnership with Ulaanbatar schools and City Council.

- Networking activities for research and education to foster collaboration between Cnr Iriss, DiARC- Department of Architecture of University of Naples Federico II and Mongolian Universities (German Mongolian Institute of Technology and Mongolian University of Science and Technology).

- Training activities with technicians of the Municipality of Ulaanbaatar. 

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