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Special Issue
Special Issue

The call for papers for the Special Issue "The Faro convention, heritage communities and sustainable development: towards collaborative approaches for cultural heritage management and enhancement" has been published on the website of Sustainability

Sustainability is an international, cross-disciplinary, scholarly, peer-reviewed and open access journal of environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability of human beings.

The Special Issue, edited by Cnr Iriss researcher Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, with  Enrico Eraldo Bertacchini (Department of Statistics, University of Turin) and  Fortuna Procentese (Department of Humanities, University Federico II) aims to examine the “Convention on the value of cultural heritage for society” (Faro Convention), that recognizes cultural heritage in both its material and immaterial dimensions, as linked to the identity of places and communities, constituting a shared source of legacy, understanding, identity, cohesion and creativity.

This broad conceptualization of heritage, which also refers to the role and function of civic participation, opens the perspectives to many possible intercultural and inter-institutional collaborations and to innovative ways of promoting the development of cultural sites, communities and heritage. The coexistence of different values and social actors shows the need to overcome the collective action dilemmas that characterize the conservation, use, maintenance and management of the common goods.

Starting from these principles the Special Issue, in a transdisciplinary perspective, aims at investigating the innovative models of governance and management based on collaboration, cooperation and active involvement of communities, oriented to the implementation of strategies for promoting innovative forms of social cohesion and spatial regeneration in urban and rural contexts.

Scholars are invited to submit papers that will show new approaches referring (not exclusively) to the following topics:

  • Places, participation, values and connections
  • Individual and collective fights in the participatory management of heritage
  • Cultural commons, valorization and urban regeneration
  • Collaborative governance, management and business development
  • Identity of places, attachment, belonging and sense of community
  • Coexistence, ties, and memory

The deadline for contributions submissions is 30 November 2022.

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