Bioeconomy joint event & training workshops Sherpack-UrBioFuture

Il 03/06/2020 ore 09.00 - 16.00

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Bioeconomy joint event & training workshops Sherpack-UrBioFuture
Bioeconomy joint event & training workshops Sherpack-UrBioFuture

The idea of this workshop is to bring together actors of the industry, private and public research centres, as well of the University that are or would like to start working in bioeconomy and circular economy, to exchange idea and experiences and thus promote a fast track towards a more sustainable industrial production.

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The Sherpack and UrBIOFuture projects have received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020.

BBI-Sherpack - Innovative structured polysaccharides-based materials for recyclable and biodegradable flexible packaging” . The project aims at developing a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable flexible paper-based packaging material. This material will be easily converted by heat-sealing and folding, will provide superb barriers to oxygen, contaminants and water vapour, and will have improved stiffness and grip, in order to replace materials such as plastics or aluminium foil currently used on the market by an advanced biomaterial. It will preserve foodstuff and ensure consumers’ safety as well as its fossil-based counterparts while answering the need for functional bio-based packaging materials with good end-of-life alternatives.

The BBI-UrBIOFuture- Boosting FUTURE careers, education and research activities in the European bio-based industry

The project is a European innitiative that aims to bring Europe to the forefront of the bio-based sector by boosting careers, new educational programmes and research activities. This will contribute to reach the circular bio-society challenges by 2050.

First, a map of completed and ongoing programs addressing curricula that involve bio-based activities will be developed in a wide range of educational levels and covering a wide geographical scope in the EU, in a first stage, followed by the identification of current education and professional gaps and skills mismatch in the bio-based field. These results will ensure the cooperation and alignment among educational and research institutions and industry and will set will set the basis for new educational programmes.


Wednesday, 3 June 

Event Programme

9.00-9.30 Welcome and Introduction

Organizing Committee (M. Bertoldo), ISOF director (R. Zamboni), BBI delegate for CNR (M. Guerrini).

9.30 Circular Bioeconomy in Europe and in Italy, and role of BBI JU in its implementation.

Prof. Fabio Fava (University of Bologna and IT Representative in a) Horizon2020 SC2 Programming Committee, European Commission and b) States Representatives Group, PPP “Bio-based Industry”).

9.50 Biotechnology for bioeconomy: project management and public affairs

Dr.ssa Fabiana Gatto (Lombardy Green Chemistry Association, Milano - Italy)

10.10 The BBI – Urbiofuture: Boosting future careers, education and research activities in the European bio-based industry.

Dr Aleix Barrera-Corominas (Applied Pedagogy Department Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

10:30 The BBI – Sherpack: Innovative structured polysaccharides-based materials for recyclable and biodegradable flexible packaging.

Ing. Laura Crowther-Alwyn (Centre Tecnique du Papier, Grenoble - France)

10.50 - Break -

11.10 The BBI – Polybioskin: High performance functional bio-based polymers for skin- contact products in biomedical, cosmetic and sanitary industry.

Prof. Maria Beatrice Coltelli (University of Pisa, Pisa - Italy)

11.30 Territorial regeneration in the circular bioeconomy perspective: the embraced project.

Dr.ssa Tiziana Milizia (Novamont Spa, Novara - Italy)

11.50 The AgriMax: Developing and demonstrating the production of multiple, high-value products from crop and food processing waste.

Dr. Marco Bertolini (Chiesa Virginio Azienda Agricola, Canneto Sull'Oglio (MN) - Italy)

12.10 Furan based chemicals and materials for a sustainable development.

Prof. Nadia Lotti (University of Bologna, Bologna - Italy)

12.30 - Lunch Break -

14:00 Challenges and opportunities for the sustainable production of bioplastics.

Dr.ssa Melissa Balzarotti (Consorzio Italbiotech, Milano - Italy)

14.20 EcoReLabel: ecological removable and recyclable labels.

Dr.ssa Lottini Elisabetta (Irplast Spa, Empoli (Fi) - Italy)

14.40 Post-consumer plastic packaging waste management.

Ing. Paolo Azzurro (Anci – Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italitani - Emilia Romagna)

15:00 The “UrBioFuture Experience”

Dr. Gioacchino Schifino (Cnr-Isof, Bologna - Italy)

15:20 RAISE: RawMaterials Students Internships. A case study from EIT Raw Materials.

Dr. Paolo Dambruoso (Cnr-Isof, Bologna - Italy)

15:40 Teaching Bioeconomy and the Circular Economy concepts in the secondary schools.

Dr.ssa Giovanna Sotgiu (Cnr-Isof, Bologna - Italy)

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Cnr-Isof Bologna

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Annalisa Aluigi

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