Biodiversity in the Ancient Near East. Toward an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Interactions between Living Organisms

Dal 17/03/2022 ore 15.00 al 23/06/2022 ore 17.00

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Palme da datteri in Iraq (antica Mesopotamia)
Palme da datteri in Iraq (antica Mesopotamia)

Concerned by the looming environmental and climate crisis, anxious about the state of the planet’s water resources, the extinction of plant and animal species, the quality of the atmosphere, the chemical pollution of the soil and the seas, almost all the world's governments promise in their political agenda to try to remedy the environmental and climate damage caused by human beings, now considered as a geological force.

Such issues may interest Ancient Near Eastern scholars, who, stimulated by the theoretical-methodological approaches of the so-called Environmental Humanities, study the ways of the inter-specific collaboration not only between humans and the more studied non-human animals but also with plants and trees, which have not been the subject of such detailed studies.

The aim of this cycle of seminars promoted and organised by the Institute of Heritage Science (Cnr-Ispc) and University of Palermo is twofold:

1) to study the biodiversity of the ancient Near East and to discuss how human communities have thought about their relationships with the environment they are part of, influencing it and being conditioned by it (connectivity ontology);

2) to stimulate the creation of a new research group trying to use a transdisciplinary approach and attempting to overcome the traditional dichotomy between the disciplines of 'nature' and those of 'culture'. It involves the collaboration of scholars from various fields: from archaeology to art history, from philology to history, from cultural anthropology to the history of religions, including archaeozoology, palaeobotany, and palaeoecology.

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CNR - Istituto di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale
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