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Maria Lucia Curri

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Senior scientist IPCF CNR, Bari PhD in Chemistry 1997 at University of Bari (Italy), Currently responsible at CNR IPCF Bari Division for the material chemistry activities aiming to design, fabricate and process inorganic solids at the nanoscale for obtaining nanostructured and multifunctional materials both for fundamental and application studies. She is involved in development of synthetic strategies for preparation of colloidal nanocrystal based inorganic materials for photocatalytic, optoelectronic, (bio)sensing and biomedical applications. She has been and is PI for CNR IPCF Bari in several European and National research projects, coordinating the European Project 7th FP LIMPID "Nanocomposite Materials for Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutants". M. Lucia Curri has been reviewer for many high impact journals, evaluator of international project proposals and member of conference committees and scientific panels. She is also active in teaching and tutorial activities.

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Expertise in material chemistry activities aiming to design, fabricate and process inorganic solids at the nanoscale. The main activities have include: -Synthesis of nanoparticles, also in quantum confinement regime, with control on size shape and crystalline phase, in order to finely tune their chemical-physical properties -Functionalization of the nanoparticles with surface chemistry exchange procedures -Characterization of the colloidal nanoparticles with spectroscopical UV-vis-NIR absorption, luminescence, FTIR, XPS), structural (transmission microscope, X-ray powder diffraction) and morphological (AFM) techniques -Organization in mesoscopical structures (films, 2/3 D assemblies, polymer based nanocomposites, hybrid electrodes) of the prepared nano-objects with tailored functional properties -Investigation of the unusual size-and shape-dependent (photo)catalytic and opto-electronic properties of the newly fabricated nanostructured materials carried out to assess their technological potential for their use in environmental technologies (water treatments and sensing applications) and their integration in systems and devices

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Google Scholar H-Index: 39
Scopus H-Index: 35
ISI-WoS H-Index: 35


Partecipazione a progetti scientifici, campagne di rilevamento, commesse o moduli/attività/sottoprogetti

Progetto europeo: METACHEM - Nanochemistry and self-assembly routes to metamaterials for visible light (228762) [Scheda progetto ]

Ruolo: Responsabile scientifico
Sito web attività:
Perodo di partecipazione all'attività: 09/2009 - 09/2013

European FP6 Integrated Project NaPa "Emerging Nanopatterning Methods" (contr. N. 500120)

Ruolo: Responsabile scientifico
Perodo di partecipazione all'attività: 03/2004 - 02/2008

Partecipazione a gruppi di lavoro, commissioni o organismi

"Relation with Industry" Committee at Italian Society of Chemistry (SCI) (2014- )

Ruolo: Membro
Perodo di partecipazione all'attività: 04/2014 - oggi

Prodotti della ricerca

Murgolo S.; Yargeau V.; Gerbasi R.; Visentin F.; El Habra N.; Ricco G.; Lacchetti I.; Carere M.; Curri M.L.; Mascolo G.

A new supported TiO2 film deposited on stainless steel for the photocatalytic degradation of contaminants of emerging concern

(2017) in Chemical engineering journal ( Print)
Petronella, F.; Truppi, A.; Ingrosso, C.; Placido, T.; Striccoli, M.; Curri, M. L.; Agostiano, A.; Comparelli, R.

Nanocomposite materials for photocatalytic degradation of pollutants

(2017) in Catalysis Today
F. Petronella, A. Truppi, C. Giannini, T. Sibillano, M. Striccoli, M.L. Curri, R. Comparelli

Multifunctional TiO2/FexOy/Ag based nanocrystalline heterostructures for photocatalytic degradation of a recalcitrant pollutant

(2017) in Catalysis Today
Francesca Petronella, Antonella Pagliarulo, Marinella Striccoli, Angela Calia, Mariateresa Lettieri, Donato Colangiuli, Maria Lucia Curri, Roberto Comparelli

Colloidal Nanocrystalline Semiconductor Materials as Photocatalysts for Environmental Protection of Architectural Stone

(2017) in Crystals (Basel)
Depalo, N.; De Leo, V.; Corricelli, M.; Gristina, R.; Valente, G.; Casamassima, E.; Comparelli, R.; Laquintana, V.; Denora, N.; Fanizza, E.; Striccoli, M.; Agostiano, A.; Catucci, L.; Curri, M. L.

Lipid-based systems loaded with PbS nanocrystals: near infrared emitting trackable nanovectors

(2017) in Journal of Materials Chemistry B
Truppi, Alessandra; Truppi, Alessandra; Petronella, Francesca; Placido, Tiziana; Striccoli, Marinella; Agostiano, Angela; Agostiano, Angela; Curri, Maria Lucia; Comparelli, Roberto

Visible-light-active TiO2-based hybrid nanocatalysts for environmental applications

(2017) in Catalysts
Depalo, Nicoletta; Iacobazzi, Rosa Maria; Valente, Gianpiero; Arduino, Ilaria; Villa, Silvia; Canepa, Fabio; Laquintana, Valentino; Fanizza, Elisabetta; Striccoli, Marinella; Cutrignelli, Annalisa; Lopedota, Angela; Porcelli, Letizia; Azzariti, Amalia; Franco, Massimo; Curri, Maria Lucia; Denora, Nunzio

Sorafenib delivery nanoplatform based on superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles magnetically targets hepatocellular carcinoma

(2017) in Nano research (Print)
Ingrosso, C.; Bianco, G. V.; Pifferi, V.; Guffanti, P.; Petronella, F.; Comparelli, R.; Agostiano, A.; Striccoli, M.; Palchetti, I.; Falciola, L.; Curri, M. L.; Bruno, G.

Enhanced photoactivity and conductivity in transparent TiO2 nanocrystals/graphene hybrid anodes

(2017) in Journal of Materials Chemistry A
De Sio, Luciano; Placido, Tiziana; Comparelli, Roberto; Curri, Maria Lucia; Tabiryan, Nelson; Bunning, Timothy J.

Plasmonic photoheating of gold nanorods in thermo-responsive chiral liquid crystals

(2016) in Journal of optics (Print)
Corricelli, Michela; Comparelli, Roberto; Depalo, Nicoletta; Fanizza, Elisabetta; Sadhu, Veera B.; Huskens, Jurriaan; Agostiano, Angela; Striccoli, Marinella; Curri, Maria L.

Surface Functionalized Luminescent Nanocrystals Electrostatically Assembled onto a Patterned Substrate

(2016) in Current nanoscience (Print)
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