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Research products

Nardi M.V., Timpel M., Ligorio G., Zorn Morales N., Chiappini A., Toccoli T., Verucchi R., Ceccato R., Pasquali L., List-Kratochvil E.J.W., Quaranta A., Dirè S.

Versatile and Scalable Strategy to Grow Sol-Gel Derived 2H-MoS2 Thin Films with Superior Electronic Properties: A Memristive Case

(2018) in ACS applied materials & interfaces (Print)
Toccoli T.; Bettotti P.; Cassinese A.; Gottardi S.; Kubozono Y.; Loi M.A.; Manca M.; Verucchi R.

Photophysics of Pentacene-Doped Picene Thin Films

(2018) in Journal of physical chemistry. C. (Online)
Capelli R.; Nardi M.V.; Toccoli T.; Verucchi R.; Dinelli F.; Gelsomini C.; Koshmak K.; Giglia A.; Nannarone S.; Pasquali L.

3D reconstruction of pentacene structural organization in top-contact OTFTs via resonant soft X-ray reflectivity

(2018) in Applied physics letters
Chiarella, Fabio; Chianese, Federico; Barra, Mario; Parlato, Loredana; Toccoli, Tullio; Cassinese, Antonio

Spontaneous Wetting Dynamics in Perylene Diimide n-Type Thin Films Deposited at Room Temperature by Supersonic Molecular Beam

(2016) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Girlando A.; Masino M.; Brillante A.; Toccoli T.; Iannotta S.

Raman identification of polymorphs in pentacene films

(2016) in Crystals (Basel)
Baldi, G.; Bosi, M.; Giusti, G.; Attolini, G.; Berzina, T.; Collini, C.; Lorenzelli, L.; Mosca, R.; Nozar, P.; Ponraj, J. S.; Toccoli, T.; Verucchi, R.; Iannotta, S.

Optimization of Synthesis Protocols to Control the Nanostructure and the Morphology of Metal Oxide Thin Films for Memristive Applications

T. Toccoli, M. Zanetti, D. Maniglio, M. Dalla Serra, S. Iannotta

PEDOT:PSS for electrochemical sensing of drug and biophysical applications

(2014) E-MRS 2014 Spring Meeting, Lille (France), 26-30/05/2014
Gottardi, Stefano; Toccoli, Tullio; Wu, Yu; Iannotta, Salvatore; Rudolf, Petra

Growth dynamics in supersonic molecular beam deposition of pentacene sub-monolayers on SiO2.

(2014) in Chemical communications (Lond., 1996, Online)
Chiarella, F.; Toccoli, T.; Barra, M.; Aversa, L.; Ciccullo, F.; Tatti, R.; Verucchi, R.; Iannotta, S.; Cassinese, A.

High mobility n-type organic thin-film transistors deposited at room temperature by supersonic molecular beam deposition

(2014) in Applied physics letters
Zanetti M.; Maniglio D.; Fasoli C.; Pola M.; Borga E.; Corradi C.; Dalla Serra M.; Iannotta S.; Motta A.; Toccoli T.

A new cells-compatible microfluidic device for single channel recordings

(2014) in Electroanalysis (N.Y.N.Y.)
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