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Scopus Author ID: 9232844900
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Research products

N. Musayeva; T. Orujov; R. Hasanov; Ch. Sultanov; C. Ferrari; C. Frigeri; G. Trevisi; S. Beretta; M. Bosi; R. Verucchi; L. Aversa; F. Sansone; F. Rispoli; L. Baldini;

Growth and functionalization of carbon nanotubes for nitroaromatic explosive detection

(2020) in Materials today (Kidlington)
S. Beretta, M. Bosi, L. Seravalli, N. Musayeva, C. Ferrari

Orientation of germanium nanowires on germanium and silicon substrates for nanodevices

(2020) in Materials Today: Proceedings
Negri M.; Francaviglia L.; Dumcenco D.; Bosi M.; Kaplan D.; Swaminathan V.; Salviati G.; Kis A.; Fabbri F.; Fontcuberta I Morral A.

Quantitative Nanoscale Absorption Mapping: A Novel Technique to Probe Optical Absorption of Two-Dimensional Materials

(2020) in Nano letters (Print)
Stefano Leone; Roberto Fornari; Matteo Bosi; Vincenzo Montedoro; Lutz Kirste; Philipp Doering; Fouad Benkhelifa; Mario Prescher; Christian Manz; Vladimir Polyakov; Oliver Ambacher

Epitaxial Growth of GaN/Ga2O3 and Ga2O3/GaN Heterostructures for Novel High Electron Mobility Transistors

(2020) in Journal of crystal growth
Fan T.; Wu X.; Eftekhar A.A.; Bosi M.; Moradinejad H.; Woods E.V.; Adibi A.

High-quality integrated microdisk resonators in the visible-to-near-infrared wavelength range on a 3C-silicon carbide-on-insulator platform

(2020) in Optics letters (Online)
Cora I.; Fogarassy, Z.; Fornari, R.; Bosi, M.; Recnik, A.; Pécz, B.

In situ TEM study of K->gamma and K->delta phase transformations in Ga2O3

(2020) in Acta materialia
Sara Beretta, Matteo Bosi, Luca Seravalli, Paola Frigeri, Giovanna Trevisi, Enos Gombia, Francesca Rossi, Danilo Bersani; Claudio Ferrari

Direct growth of germanium nanowires on glass

(2020) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
Golovynskyi S.; Irfan I.; Bosi M.; Seravalli L.; Datsenko O.I.; Golovynska I.; Li B.; Lin D.; Qu J.

Exciton and trion in few-layer MoS2: Thickness- and temperature-dependent photoluminescence

(2020) in Applied surface science
Rotunno, E.; Bosi, M.; Seravalli, L.; Salviati, G.; Fabbri, F.

Influence of organic promoter gradient on the MoS2growth dynamics

(2020) in Nanoscale (Online)
Marco Negri, Giovanni Attolini, Paola Lagonegro, and Matteo Bosi

Silicon Carbide Nanowires

(2020) in Topological Nanochemistry, 2020
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