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Tipo di prodottoCuratela di atti di convegno (conference proceedings)
TitoloUnderstanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk, From Mapping to Hazard and Risk Zonation
Anno di pubblicazione2020
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Autore/iFausto Guzzetti (1), Snje?ana Mihali? Arbanas (2), Paola Reichenbach (3) o Kyoji Sassa (4)o Peter T. Bobrowsky (5) o Kaoru Takara (4)
Affiliazioni autori1) Department of Civil Protection Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, 2) University of Zagreb, 3) Research institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection, 4) Kyoto University, 5) Geological Survey of Canada
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SintesiFrom Mapping to Hazard and Risk Zonation is Volume 2 of the book "Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk", prepared to collect selected contributions presented to the Fifth World Landslide Forum (WLF5), to be held in Tokyo, Japan, 2-6 November 2021. A contribution of the International Consortium of Landslides (ICL) to landslide disaster risk reduction, the volume is divided in six parts, and comprises an editorial introduction, two keynote articles, and 52 articles covering five main topics related to (i) landslide detection, recognition and mapping techniques and methods tested at various geographical scales and in different morphological, geological and climatic settings, (ii) landslide susceptibility assessment and spatial landslide modelling at different geographical scales, using consolidated and innovative techniques, (iii) landslide size statistics and landslide temporal modelling, which are key, yet inadequately investigated to landslide hazard assessment, (iv) landslide data and information collection, organization, and sharing for improved disaster mitigation, and (v) vulnerability to landslides of people, communities and the built environment, key but poorly understood components of landslide risk assessment.
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  • Springer Nature Switzerland, Basel (Svizzera)
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Parole chiaveLAndslide, mapping, hazard, vulnerability, risk
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