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Tipo di prodottoCuratela di monografia/trattato scientifico
TitoloGender and Sexuality in the Migration Trajectories. Studies between the Northen and Southern Mediterranean Shores
Anno di pubblicazione2018
Autore/iMangone Emiliana, Masullo Giuseppe, Gallego, Mar
Affiliazioni autoriUniversità di Salerno, University of HUelva
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SintesiThe concept of "gender" has recently become one of the symbols of what many consider "a clash of civilizations" between the West and Muslim countries. Recent events highlight how gender issues are emblematic of the basic traits of a country's culture, and thus constitute some of the elements allowing for the construction of dividing lines between cultures, arbitrarily distinguishing between the "evolved" and "backward" ones, therefore with the aim to establish demarcation lines between "Us" and the "Others". The existential condition of migration leads to formation of multiple and diasporic identities, de-territorialized and reassembled at the individual level. In this scenario the integration of migrants is the result of a two-way process, in which rely significantly the social representations that migrants are being built on the population and of the host society (before and after the arrival) and intangible resources (cognitive and relational) experienced by migrants. The book will have repercussions on the progress of knowledge from a macro dimension represented by the growth and the transformation of migration flows across the Mediterranean to Europe to meso dimension of social representations of gender and sexuality that the migrant builds himself and the population of the host society; finally, the micro dimension through the analysis of case studies. From these problems, the book aims to initiate a transdisciplinary reflection on such issues and sexuality, in part by reducing the clear vacuum in scientific research taking shape as an experimental laboratory of new research perspectives because we recognize, critically, how the methods of the social sciences do not simply reproduce the phenomena under study, but also contribute - a greater or lesser degree - to their construction. And at the same time making an issue of sex, sexuality and the multiple identifications of gender of and in migration, involving migratory experiences both on the side of leaving a country and on that of arriving to another.
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  • IAP, Information Age Publishing, Charlotte NC (Stati Uniti d'America)
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Parole chiaveMigration, Sexuality, Theory, Gender, Method
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