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TitoloTowards a flexible open-source software library for multi-layered scholarly textual studies: An Arabic case study dealing with semi-automatic language processing
Anno di pubblicazione2014
Autore/iDel Grosso A. M.; Nahli O.
Affiliazioni autoriInstitute for Computational Linguistics - National Research Council (ILC-CNR, Pisa)
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AbstractThis paper presents both the general model and a case study of the Computational and Collaborative Philology Library (CoPhiLib), an ongoing initiative underway at the Institute for Computational Linguistics (ILC) of the National Research Council (CNR), Pisa, Italy. The library, designed and organized as a reusable, abstract and open-source software component, aims at solving the needs of multi-lingual and cross-lingual analysis by exposing common Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The core modules, coded by the Java programming language, constitute the groundwork of a Web platform designed to deal with textual scholarly needs. The Web application, implemented according to the Java Enterprise specifications, focuses on multi-layered analysis for the study of literary documents and related multimedia sources. This ambitious challenge seeks to obtain the management of textual resources, on the one hand by abstracting from current language, on the other hand by decoupling from the specific requirements of single projects. This goal is achieved thanks to methodologies declared by the "agile process", and by putting into effect suitable use case modeling, design patterns, and component-based architectures. The reusability and flexibility of the system have been tested on an Arabic case study: the system allows users to choose the morphological engine (such as AraMorph or Al-Khalil), along with linguistic granularity (i.e. with or without declension). Finally, the application enables the construction of annotated resources for further statistical engines (training set).
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Titolo del volumeIEEE Cinference Publications - Catalog Number: CFP1467R-ART
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Curatore/i del volumeM. El Mohajir, M. Al Achhab, M. Chahhou, A. Mounir, B. El Mohajir, V. Pirrelli, A. Zarghili, M. ElFar
  • IEEE, New York (Stati Uniti d'America)
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Parole chiaveDesign, Information Engineering, Design Patterns, Text Processing, Arabic Natural Language Processing
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Titolo convegno/congressoThird IEEE International Colloquium in Information Science and Technology (CIST)
Luogo convegno/congressoTetuan, Morocco
Data/e convegno/congresso20-22/10/2014
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  • ILC — Istituto di linguistica computazionale "Antonio Zampolli"
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Towards a flexible open-source software library for multi-layered scholarly textual studies: An Arabic case study
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