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TitoloNon-linear coding decoding strategies exploiting spatial correlation in wireless sensor networks
Anno di pubblicazione2012
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Autore/iDavoli F.; Marchese M.; Mongelli M.
Affiliazioni autoriDITEN, University of Genoa, CNIT - University of Genoa Research Unit, Via Opera Pia 13, 16145, Genova, Italy; National Research Council of Italy (CNR), IEIIT - Institute of Electronics, Computer Telecommunication Engineering, Via De Marini 6, 16149, Genova, Italy
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AbstractThe authors consider the acquisition of measurements from a source, representing a physical phenomenon, by means of sensors deployed at different distances, measuring random variables (r.v.'s) that are correlated with the source output. The acquired values are transmitted over a wireless channel to a sink, where an estimation of the source has to be constructed, according to a given distortion criterion. In the presence of Gaussian random variables (r.v.'s) a Gaussian vector channel, the authors are seeking optimum real-time joint source-channel encoder-decoder pairs that achieve a distortion sufficiently close to the theoretically optimal one, under a global resource constraint, by activating only a subset of the sensors. The problem is posed in a team decision theoretic framework, the optimal strategies are approximated by means of neural networks. The analysis investigates the generalisation capabilities of the proposed approach, by showing insights into the structure of the problem. The surprising outcome is that a quasi-static application of the approach reveals to be sufficient to maintain quasi-optimal performance under a dynamic environment (e.g. with respect to nodes' positions). © 2012 The Institution of Engineering Technology.
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RivistaIET communications (Print)
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Editore: Institution of Engineering and Technology, - Stevenage
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ISSN: 1751-8628
Titolo chiave: IET communications (Print)
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Non-linear coding decoding strategies exploiting spatial correlation in wireless sensor networks (documento privato )
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