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Tipo di prodottoRapporto tecnico
TitoloThe Standards' Landscape Towards an Interoperability Framework
Anno di pubblicazione2011
Autore/iMonica Monachini, Valeria Quochi, Nicoletta Calzolari, Núria Bel, Gerhard Budin, Tommaso Caselli, Khalid Choukri, Gil Francopoulo, Erhard Hinrichs, Steven Krauwer, Lothar Lemnitzer, Joseph Mariani, Jan Odijk, Stelios Piperidis, Adam Przepiorkowski, Laurent Romary, Helmut Schmidt, Hans Uszkoreit, Peter Wittenburg
Affiliazioni autoriCNR-ILC; Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Universität Wien, Wien; ELDA/ELRA; TAGMATICA, Paris, France; University of Tubingen; Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht; LIMSI/IMMI-CNRS; ILSP "Athena"; Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa; INRIA; DFKI, Saarbrucken; Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
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SintesiThis document proposes an overview of the current scene towards an Interoperability Framework and acts as a reference point for the current standards that the community fosters and encourages to adopt/improve. This initiative is in close synchronization with other relevant initiatives such as CLARIN, ELRA, ISO and TEI and META-Share. The document builds on the CLARIN Standardisation Action Plan and adapts and extends it to the needs of the broader LT Community, beyond the SSH research areas including the industry. The main goal of this document is to give a practical orientation for various LT players, both commercial and academic; the main message being that a harmonized domain of language resources and technology can be achieved stepwise, but that an effort to adopt standards is necessary to overcome fragmentation. NB: This is to be intended by no means as a static, closed document, rather a dynamic one which needs to be constantly/periodically revised and updated by the community itself.
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Parole chiaveStandards, interoperability
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Note/Altre informazioniID_PUMA: cnr.ilc/2011-WP-001 Descrizione: The FLaReNet proposal - Building on the CLARIN Standardisation Action Plan
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  • ILC — Istituto di linguistica computazionale "Antonio Zampolli"
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  • IC.P02.005.001 : Risorse e Tecnologie Linguistiche: modelli, metodi di sviluppo, applicazioni, disegno di strategie internazionali
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The Standards' Landscape Towards an Interoperability Framework (documento privato )
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