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Research products

Bellucci, A.; Girolami, M.; Mastellone, M.; Orlando, S.; Polini, R.; Santagata, A.; Serpente, V; Valentini, V.; Trucchi, D. M.

+ Novel concepts and nanostructured materials for thermionic-based solar and thermal energy converters

(2021) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
Girolami, Marco; Bellucci, Alessandro; Mastellone, Matteo; Serpente, Valerio; Orlando, Stefano; Valentini, Veronica; Palma, Alessandro L.; Di Carlo, Aldo; Trucchi, Daniele M.

+ Improving the Performance of Printable Carbon Electrodes by Femtosecond Laser Treatment

(2020) in C (Basel)
Mastellone M.; Bellucci A.; Girolami M.; Montereali R.M.; Orlando S.; Polini R.; Serpente V.; Sani E.; Valentini V.; Vincenti M.A.; Trucchi D.M.

+ Enhanced selective solar absorption of surface nanotextured semi-insulating 6H-SiC

(2020) in Optical materials (Amst., Print)
Serpente, V.; Bellucci, A.; Girolami, M.; Mastellone, M.; Mezzi, A.; Kaciulis, S.; Carducci, R.; Polini, R.; Valentini, V.; Trucchi, D. M.

+ Ultra-thin films of barium fluoride with low work function for thermionic-thermophotovoltaic applications

(2020) in Materials chemistry and physics (Print)
Amoruso S.; Andreone A.; Bellucci A.; Koral C.; Girolami M.; Mastellone M.; Mou S.; Orlando S.; Papari G.P.; Paparo D.; Polini R.; Rubano A.; Santagata A.; Serpente V.; Valentini V.; Trucchi D.M.

+ All-carbon THz components based on laser-treated diamond

(2020) in Carbon
A. Orsini, A. Bellucci, M. Girolami, M. Mastellone, S. Orlando, G. Prestopino, V. Valentini, S. Salvatori, D.M. Trucchi

+ Electrical conductivity of double textured black diamond films from RT to 800 K

(2019) in Diamond and related materials
Rossi, M. C.; Salvatori, S.; Conte, G.; Kononenko, T.; Valentini, V.

+ Phase transition, structural defects and stress development in superficial and buried regions of femtosecond laser modified diamond

(2019) in Optical materials (Amst., Print)
M. Girolami, A. Bellucci, M. Mastellone, S. Orlando, V. Valentini, R.M. Montereali, M.A. Vincenti, R. Polini, D.M. Trucchi

+ Optical characterization of double-nanotextured black diamond films

(2018) in Carbon
M.C. Rossi 1, S. Salvatori 2, G. Conte 3, T. Kononenko 4, V. Valentini 5

+ Phase Transition, Structural Defects and Stress Development in Superficial and Buried Regions of Femtosecond Laser Modified Diamond

(2018) EURODIM 2018, Bydgoszcz Poland, 9-13/07/2018
D. Mukherjee 1 e 2 , R. Polini 3, V. Valentini 4, S. Z. Rotter 1, J. C. Mendes 5

+ HFCVD nanostructured diamond films deposited by a combination of seeding suspensions and novel nucleation process (NNP)

(2017) in International journal of surface science and engineering (Print)
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