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Research products

F.Ronci a S.Colonna a R.Flammini a M.De Crescenzi b M.Scarselli b M.Salvato b I.Berbezier c F.Jardali d C.Lechner d P.Pochet e H.Vach d P.Castrucci b

+ High graphene permeability for room temperature silicon deposition: The role of defects

(2020) in Carbon
Tisbi, E.; Placidi, E.; Magri, R.; Prosposito, P.; Francini, R.; Zaganelli, A.; Cecchi, S.; Zallo, E.; Calarco, R.; Luna, E.; Honolka, J.; Vondrá?ek, M.; Colonna, S.; Arciprete, F.

+ Increasing Optical Efficiency in the Telecommunication Bands of Strain-Engineered Ga (As,Bi) Alloys

(2020) in Physical Review Applied
Hogan, Conor and Holtgrewe, Kris and Ronci, Fabio and Colonna, Stefano and Sanna, Simone and Moras, Paolo and Sheverdyaeva, Polina M. and Mahatha, Sanjoy and Papagno, Marco and Aliev, Ziya S. and Babanly, Mahammad and Chulkov, Evgueni V. and Carbone, Carlo and Flammini, Roberto

+ Temperature Driven Phase Transition at the Antimonene/Bi2Se3 van der Waals Heterostructure

(2019) in ACS nano (Online)
S. Colonna, V. Sessi, E. Placidi, F. Ronci, E. Jime?nez, F. Arciprete

+ Two-dimensional antiferromagnetic ordering of the Mn/GaAs(001) interface

(2019) in Physical Review B
Allegrini, P.; Sheverdyaeva, P. M.; Trucchi, D. M.; Ronci, F.; Colonna, S.; Moras, P.; Flammini, R.

+ A spectroscopy and microscopy study of silicon nanoclusters grown on Beta-Si3N4(0 0 0 1)/Si(1 1 1) interface

(2019) in Applied surface science
R. Flammini,1, S. Colonna,1, C. Hogan,1, S. K. Mahatha,2, M. Papagno,3, A. Barla,2, P. M. Sheverdyaeva,2, P. Moras,2, Z. S. Aliev,4, 5, M.B Babanly,6, E. V. Chulkov,7, 8, C. Carbone,2, and F. Ronci,1

+ Evidence of beta-antimonene at the Sb/Bi2Se3 interface

R. Flammini,1, S. Colonna,1, C. Hogan,1, S. K. Mahatha,2, M. Papagno,3, A. Barla,2, P. M. (2018) in Nanotechnology (Bristol, Online)
Mattioli Giuseppe, Larciprete Rosanna, Alippi Paola, Amore Bonapasta Aldo, Filippone Francesco , Lacovig Paolo , Lizzit Silvano, Paoletti Anna Maria, Pennesi Giovanna, Ronci Fabio, ZanottiGloria, Colonna, Stefano.

+ Unexpected Rotamerism at the Origin of a Chessboard Supramolecular Assembly of Ruthenium Phthalocyanine

(2017) in Chemistry - A European Journal
Polina Sheverdyaeva, Sanjoy Mahatha, Fabio Ronci, Stefano Colonna, Paolo Moras, Mauro Satta, Roberto Flammini

+ Signature of surface periodicity in the electronic structure of Si (111)-(7x7)

(2017) in Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Online)
Tian, Lin; di Mario, Lorenzo; Zannier, Valentina; Catone, Daniele; Colonna, Stefano; O'Keeffe, Patrick; Turchini, Stefano; Zema, Nicola; Rubini, Silvia; Martelli, Faustino

+ Ultrafast carrier dynamics, band-gap renormalization, and optical properties of ZnSe nanowires

(2016) in Physical Review B
Rosanna Larciprete (1); Stefano Colonna (2); Fabio Ronci (2); Roberto Flammini (2); Paolo Lacovig (3); Nicoleta Apostol (4); Antonio Politano (5); Peter Feulner (6); Dietrich Menzel (6,7); Silvano Lizzit (3)

+ Self-Assembly of Graphene Nanoblisters Sealed to a Bare Metal Surface

(2016) in Nano letters (Online)
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