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Research products

Moretti F, Di Blasio G, Manni I, Teveroni E, Maiullari F, Rizzi R, Ricci E, Luvisetto S, Deidda G

+ Estrogenic hormones counteract FSHD features in a muose model of muscle regeneration

(2021) 28th Annual FSHD Society, International Research Congress, webinar online, 24-25/06/2021
Vacca, Valentina; Madaro, Luca; De Angelis, Federica; Proietti, Daisy; Cobianchi, Stefano; Orsini, Tiziana; Puri, Pier Lorenzo; Luvisetto, Siro; Pavone, Flaminia; Marinelli, Sara

+ Revealing the Therapeutic Potential of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A in Counteracting Paralysis and Neuropathic Pain in Spinally Injured Mice

(2020) in Toxins (Basel)
Siro Luvisetto

+ Promising therapeutic applications of botulinum neurotoxins: nerve regeneration and functional recovery in a spinal cord injury mouse model.

(2020) NeuroSpine - V International Meeting - Regeneratiopn & Rehabilitation in Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, webinar, 16-17/11/2020
Maiullari S., di Blasio G., Manni L., Teveroni E., Maiullari F., Rizzi R., Luvisetto S., Deidda G., Moretti F.

+ Study of regenerative potential of human perivascular cells expressing DUX4

(2019) FSHD (Fascioscpularhumeral Muscular Distrophy) International Research Conference, Pharo Palace, Marsiglia, Francia, 19-20 June 2019
Giannattasio S, Giacovazzo G, Bonato A, Caruso C, Luvisetto S, Coccurello R, Caruso M

+ Lack of cyclin D3 induces skeletal muscle fiber-type shifting, increased endurance performance and hypermetabolism

(2018) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
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