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Research products

Varvaro, Gaspare; Agostinelli, Elisabetta; Laureti, Sara

+ A Special Section on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials

(2020) American scientific publishers, Valencia [Ca] (Stati Uniti d'America), 2020
Schmidt, N. Y.; Laureti, S.; Radu, F.; Ryll, H.; Luo, C.; d'Acapito, F.; Tripathi, S.; Goering, E.; Weller, D.; Albrecht, M.

+ Structural and magnetic properties of FePt-Tb alloy thin films

(2019) in Physical Review B
Varvaro, G.; Laureti, S.; Peddis, D.; Hassan, M.; Barucca, G.; Mengucci, P.; Gerardino, A.; Giovine, E.; Lik, O.; Nissen, D.; Albrecht, M.

+ Co/Pd-Based synthetic antiferromagnetic thin films on Au/resist underlayers: Towards biomedical applications

(2019) in Nanoscale (Print)
Curcio M.; Rau J.V.; Santagata A.; Teghil R.; Laureti S.; De Bonis A.

+ Laser synthesis of iron nanoparticle for Fe doped hydroxyapatite coatings

(2019) in Materials chemistry and physics (Print)
Omelianchik, A.; Singh, G.; McDonagh, Brigitte H.; Rodionova, V; Fiorani, D.; Peddis, D.; Laureti, S.

+ From Mn3O4/MnO core-shell nanoparticles to hollow MnO: evolution of magnetic properties

(2018) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
G. Muscas, *ab G. Concas, c S. Laureti,a A. M. Testa, a R. Mathieu, d . A. De Toro, e C. Cannas, f A. Musinu,f M. A. Novak,g C. Sangregorio, h Su Seong Leei and D. Peddis *

+ The interplay between single particle anisotropy and interparticle interactions in ensembles of magnetic nanoparticles

(2018) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Giannopoulos, G.; Barucca, G.; Kaidatzis, A.; Psycharis, V.; Salikhov, R.; Farle, M.; Koutsouflakis, E.; Niarchos, D.; Mehta, A.; Scuderi, M.; Nicotra, G.; Spinella, C.; Laureti, S.; Varvaro, G.

+ L1(0)-FeNi films on Au-Cu-Ni buffer-layer: a high-throughput combinatorial study

(2018) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
G. Margaris and M. Vasilakaki and Davide Peddis and K. N. Trohidou and Sara Laureti and C. Binns and Elisabetta Agostinelli and D. Rinaldi and R. Mathieu and Dino Fiorani

+ Superspin glass state in a diluted nanoparticle system stabilized by interparticle interactions mediated by an antiferromagnetic matrix

(2017) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
Barucca, G.; Speliotis, Th.; Giannopoulos, G.; Niarchos, D.; Rutkowski, B.; Czyrska-Filemonowicz, A.; Agostinelli, E.; Laureti, S.; Testa, A. M.; Varvaro, G.

+ Magnetic anisotropy phase-graded A1/L1(0)-FePt films on amorphous glass substrates

(2017) in Materials & design
Ball, D. K.; Günther, S.; Fritzsche, M.; Lenz, K.; Varvaro, G.; Laureti, S.; Makarov, D.; Makarov, D.; Mücklich, A.; Facsko, S.; Albrecht, M.; Albrecht, M.; Fassbender, J.; Fassbender, J.

+ Out-of-plane magnetized cone-shaped magnetic nanoshells

(2017) in Journal of physics. D, Applied physics (Print)
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