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Since 1994 Giuseppe Pace is researcher at the National Research Council - Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean. In 1990, he holds cum laude a M.Sc. degree from "Frederic II" Naples University in Civil Engineering, with a thesis on urban planning. He wins the competition for becoming CNR researcher, after a fellowship at the Institute of Planning and Territorial Management (I.Pi.Ge.T) and an internship at the Architecture Faculty of "Frederic II" Naples University (1990-1994). He is chair of the COST action CA18110 "Underground Built Heritage as catalyser for Community Valorization" (2019-2023), a commitment that sees the participation of 35 countries and more than 170 researchers and experts from different disciplines. He collaborates with several International and Italian academic institutions, by having lectures and participating to Master courses and Erasmus programmes in the Universities of Naples, Milan, Haifa (IL), Ghent (BE), and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK). From 2008 to 2018, he is visiting researcher at Ghent University, first at the Centre for Planning and Sustainable Mobility (AMRP) and then at the Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing (TELIN), with projects on sustainable mobility by using the transition management approach. From 2003 to 2007, he works at the European Commission - DG Transport and Energy in Brussels (BE), where he is responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the Trans-European Transport Network. He contributes to the implementation of the projects and the TEN-T programme's evaluation procedures, as well as to reorganise the proposals' selection procedures in the framework of the TEN-T Multiannual Programme 2007-2013. In 2007-2008, he is member of the Strategic Plan "Metropoli Terra di Bari (BA2015)" Scientific Committee, where he coordinates accessibility, sustainable mobility and Mediterranean identity topics. In 2009-2010, he is advisor of the European Commission in the Amendment of the Trans-European Transport Network Guidelines, in the field of Transport Intelligent Systems and New Technologies. Since 2017, he is European expert on TAIEX, a technical assistance and institution-building tool funded by the European Commission and addressed to candidate, potential candidate countries, and neighbouring countries. Since 2019 he is member of Europeana (European Commission's digital platform for cultural heritage) and since 2020 of the European Geoscience Union (EGU). Since 2019, he is member of the Board of the LEDA-LDnet Association. He is referee for "Papers in Regional Science", "Research in transportation economics", "Research in transportation economics", "Designs", and "Sustainability". He has published more than 80 articles in books, magazines and conference proceedings, and edited five books

Interest areas:

Most of his research has the territory as a common denominator, ranging from territorial planning to applied economics. Starting from the first research on cultural heritage valorisation (military defensive systems) and the related evaluation techniques (multi-criteria analysis), his research has extended to the Mediterranean city, sustainable development, and decision-making processes and how these are structured (advocacy planning, public participation, multi-level governance, strategic dialogue, transition management). Thanks to the studies on the stable crossing of the Strait of Messina and those conducted in Israel, the research loses a purely theoretical connotation, to become more applicative, more within the society. From now, he starts projects on large transport infrastructures (trans-European transport network, Stable crossing of the Strait of Messina), industrial development policies (incubators, promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation systems), urban development (Mediterranean city, creative city), collective learning processes and social networks (Learning Region, Knowledge management), sustainable transport and ecological transitions (studies on electric mobility, sustainable logistics, European transport policies, port systems, and multimodal platforms). These latest studies have opened the field to new studies on the empowerment of local communities, both in the field of spatial planning and in the cultural heritage management policies, particularly referred to underground built heritage.


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Address: Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo, via Cardinale Guglielmo Sanfelice 8, 80134 Napoli, Italia

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Company: University of Gent, Faculty of Engineering, Center for Mobility and Spatial Planning - Vrijdagmarkt 10/301, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Time period: 04/2008 - 03/2013

Research project "To an integrated hub & spoke strategy of Mediterranean Sea-Ports Cities". Projects on sustainable mobility and applications of renewable energy in the transports. Co-author (with Y. Hayuth, and Y. Preiss) of the proposal "A Rail Freight corridor between the Port of Haifa, the Gilboa region (Israel) and Jenin region (Palestinian Authority)" presented at the secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (May 2012).
Responsible for the overall planning and the field tests coordination of the WP5 "Smart Grids Solution", in the INTERREG IVb project "e-Mobility NSR" (2011-2014). At the Ghent University lectures on: 1."Planning in Italy: Towards a strategic planning approach" (Prof. G. Allaert course on "Planning") (2008) 2."European Transport Policy" (Prof. Dirk Lauwers course on "Transport Planning" (2009-2013) At the ERASMUS course "Intensive Railway Programme in Newcastle upon Tyne" (RailNewCastle), Newcastle University (2012), lectures on: 1."Principles for Sustainable Development of Transport Systems" and 2."Rail and Multi Modal Transport: Rail-Sea connections". Member of the scientific board of "NETLIPSE - Network for the dissemination of knowledge on the management and organisation of large infrastructure projects in Europe". Advisor on Innovation and Intelligent Transport Systems, in the preparation of the TEN-T Guidelines (European Commission - DG MOVE) (2009-2010) In the FP7-Transport 2012, external evaluator on calls on Logistics (European Commission - DG MOVE), and in FP7-Transport 2013, external evaluator on calls on Port transport systems (MOVE-1)

Scientific responsible of the seminars: 1."Electric Buses in Historic Centres"(ICE, Brussels, 5.5.2010) 2."Developing Sustainable Transport Interfaces: Ports, Airports, and Dry-ports" (Permanent Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union, Brussels, 21.1.2011)

Project officer
Company: Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency, European Commission - Rue de Mot, 24, BE-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Company web site:
Time period: 05/2007 - 12/2007

Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of TEN-T projects, including the ex-post evaluation of 2001-2006 TEN-T multi-annual programme. Developer of the selection procedure of the 2007-2013 TEN-T call. Responsible of the TEN-T Days organisation (2007). Desk officer for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) in Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. Contribution to the development of informatics applications for TEN-T. Questions of management of large infrastructure projects. Coordination of Intelligent Transport System proposals, and follow-up of TEN-T funding of ITS.

Detached National Expert
Company: Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, European Commission - Rue de Mot, 24, BE-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Time period: 05/2003 - 04/2007

Responsible for the evaluation of the Trans-European Transport Network, of the follow up of the technical assistance contract, and of the questions of management of large infrastructure projects. Desk officer for the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland in the respect of TEN-T programme. Coordination and follow up of TEN-T funding of Intelligent Transport Systems projects. Contributor to the development of informatics applications for TEN-T.

Company: Istituto di Ricerche sull'Economia Mediterranea - Via Pietro Castellino 111 - 80131 Napoli
Time period: 03/1994 - 12/2001

Scientific responsible of research programmes in sustainable development, planning, and public decision-making, such as: -"University incubators of innovative firms and knowledge and innovation networks", Special funded CNR (2001-2002) -"Planning and Environmental Cross-cultural Conflict Prevention and Resolution: A Research and Development Project" funded by MIUR and MOS in the framework of Italy-Israel bilateral programme (2001-20002). -"The last twenty years of planning in Israel; a comparative study", funded by MIUR and MOS in the framework of bilateral research programme Italy-Israel (1997-1999) -"The Mediterranean Metropolitan Systems. The Mediterranean city: foundation, planning and management" (1995-1997) -"The Messina Straits Fixed Link and the development of a regional system Reggio Calabria - Messina", research funded by CNR (1994-1997) -"The Maghreb countries: toward a sustainable development" (1994-1996) -"Urban Development in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean Basin (1945-1990)" research funded by CNR (1994-1995)

Company: Istituto di Pianificazione e Gestione del Territorio (I.Pi.Ge.T) - CNR

Company: ISMed - Istituto di studi sul Mediterraneo

Curriculum Vitae

Research products

Giuseppe Pace, Renata Salvarani

+ Preface

(2021) CNR, Roma (Italia) in Underground Built Heritage Valorisation: A Handbook. Proceedings of the First Underground4value Training School, 2021
Giuseppe Pace

+ An Introduction to Underground4value

(2021) CNR, Roma (Italia) in Underground Built Heritage Valorisation: A Handbook. Proceedings of the First Underground4value Training School, 2021
Giuseppe Pace

+ Heritage Conservation and Community Empowerment. Tools for Living Labs

(2021) CNR, Roma (Italia) in Underground Built Heritage Valorisation: A Handbook. Proceedings of the First Underground4value Training School, 2021
Giuseppe Pace

+ Israele. L'Occidente in Oriente

(2021) La Memoria rende liberi, ISTITUTO TECNICO ECONOMICO GRIMALDI - PACIOLI, Catanzaro (CZ), online, 29/01/2021
Giuseppe Pace

+ Communication in the context of European research projects

(2021) Communicating the Heritage: from scientific dissemination to storytelling, European University of Rome, Roma, 01/03/2021
Pace Giuseppe

+ Sustainable ports for a Mediterranean blue economy

(2020) Societa Editrice il Mulino, Bologna (Italia) in Mediterranean Economies 2020, 2020
Pace Giuseppe

+ COST Action Underground4value: Living Labs for the Underground Built Heritage valorisation

(2020) 2020 European / Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU2020), Vienna (online), 03-08/05/2020
Pace Giuseppe

+ Living Labs on UBH: tools for community empowerment

(2020) Second Underground4Value Meetings, Napoli, 12-14/02/2020
Giuseppe Pace

+ Targeting community led Underground Built Heritage valorisation. A COST Action

(2020) Workshop on La Union Minerary Park Living Lab, University of Murcia, Murcia (ES), 21/01/2020
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