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Franz Saija graduated in Physics at the University of Messina in July 1992. He attended the VIII cycle of the PhD in Physics from the same University. After the PhD he has been INFM collaborator at the research unit of Messina in 1996-97. In 1997 he won a two years fellowship of the National Research Council at the Institute of Spectroscopic Techniques (Messina). In 1999 he obtained a fellowship EEC TMR post-doctoral (NEWRUP project) at the Unité de Physique des Polymeres Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). In 2000 he won the competition as a researcher at the Institute of Spectroscopic Techniques (now Institute for Physical-Chemical Processes) of the National Research Council. His research is oriented toward the investigation of systems of soft condensed matter by using theoretical approaches, numerical simulation methods and experimental techniques (light and neutron spectroscopy). Recently, his scientific interests have shifted towards the computational study of prebiotic chemistry processes. This topic is developed in collaboration with various international groups including the Institut de Minéralogie, de Physique des Matériaux et de Cosmochimie (Sorbonne University) led by Professor Marco Saitta and the Center for Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids (CEITEC) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic led by Prof. Jiri Sponer. He is head of the Laboratory of Computational Condensed-Matter Physics (FCM-IPCF) which has been included as part of the National Institute of Astrobiology-Network of National Astrobiology Laboratories (IAI-ASTROBIOLab). He has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the IPCF Institute. Since 2008 he is member of the teaching staff of the PhD in Physics of the University of Messina.

Interest areas:

Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics; Computational Spectroscopy; Soft Matter; Thermodynamics of liquids and solids; Phase Transitions


Phone: +39 090 39762218
Fax: +39 090 3974130
Skype: franz_saija
Address: Institute for Chemical and Physical Processes, National Research Council, V. le F. Stagno d'Alcontres 37, 98158, Messina (Italy)

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Google Scholar H-Index: 32
Scopus H-Index: 29
ISI-WoS H-Index: 29

Research products

Creazzo, Fabrizio; Pezzotti, Simone; Bougueroua, Sana; Serva, Alessandra; Sponer, Jiri; Saija, Franz; Cassone, Giuseppe; Gaigeot, Marie-Pierre

+ Enhanced conductivity of water at the electrified air-water interface: a DFT-MD characterization

(2020) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Cassene, Giuseppe; Chille, Donatetta; Nardo, Viviana Mollica; Giuffre, Ottavia; Ponterio, Rosina Celeste; Sponer, Jiri; Trusso, Sebastiano; Saija, Franz; Foti, Claudia

+ Arsenic-nucleotides interactions: an experimental and computational investigation

(2020) in Dalton transactions (2003. Print)
Chille, Donatella; Cassone, Giuseppe; Giacobello, Fausta; Giuffre, Ottavia; Nardo, Viviana Mollica; Ponterio, Rosina C.; Saija, Franz; Sponer, Jiri; Trusso, Sebastiano; Foti, Claudia

+ Removal of As(III) from Biological Fluids: Mono- versus Dithiolic Ligands

(2020) in Chemical research in toxicology
Cassone G; Sofia A; Sponer J; Saitta AM; Saija F

+ Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Methanol-Water Mixtures under External Electric Fields

(2020) in Molecules (Basel, Online)
Nardo, Viviana Mollica; Cassone, Giuseppe; Ponterio, Rosina C.; Saija, Franz; Sponer, Jiri; Tommasini, Matteo; Trusso, Sebastiano

+ Electric-Field-Induced Effects on the Dipole Moment and Vibrational Modes of the Centrosymmetric Indigo Molecule

(2020) in The journal of physical chemistry. A. (Online)
Munao, Gianmarco; Saija, Franz

+ Monte Carlo simulation and integral equation study of Hertzian spheres in the low-temperature regime

(2019) in The Journal of chemical physics
Cassone, Giuseppe; Creazzo, Fabrizio; Saija, Franz

+ Ionic diffusion and proton transfer of MgCl2 and CaCl2 aqueous solutions: an ab initio study under electric field

(2019) in Molecular simulation (Print)
Cassone, Giuseppe; Sponer, Jiri; Trusso, Sebastiano; Saija, Franz

+ Ab initio spectroscopy of water under electric fields

(2019) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Santos, Andres; Saija, Franz; Giaquinta, Paolo V.

+ Residual Multiparticle Entropy for a Fractal Fluid of Hard Spheres

(2018) in Entropy (Basel, Online)
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