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Research products

Di Segni M.; D'Addario S.L.; Babicola L.; Ielpo D.; Lo Iacono L.; Andolina D.; Accoto A.; Luchetti A.; Mancini C.; Parisi C.; D'Onofrio M.; Arisi I.; Brandi R.; Pascucci T.; Cifani C.; D'Amato F.R.; Ventura R.

+ Xlr4 as a new candidate gene underlying vulnerability to cocaine effects

(2020) in Neuropharmacology
Di Segni M.; Andolina D.; D'Addario S.L.; Babicola L.; Ielpo D.; Luchetti A.; Pascucci T.; Lo Iacono L.; D'Amato F.R.; Ventura R.

+ Sex-dependent effects of early unstable post-natal environment on response to positive and negative stimuli in adult mice

(2019) in Neuroscience
Battaglia M, Rossignol O, Bachand K, D'Amato FR, Koninck Y.

+ Amiloride modulation of carbon dioxide hypersensitivity and thermal nociceptive hypersensitivity induced by interference with early maternal environment.

(2018) in Journal of psychopharmacology (Oxf.)
Giannese F1, Luchetti A2, Barbiera G1, Lampis V3, Zanettini C2,4, Knudsen GP5, Scaini S6, Lazarevic D1, Cittaro D1, D'Amato FR7, Battaglia M8,9.

+ Conserved DNA Methylation Signatures in Early Maternal Separation and in Twins Discordant for CO Sensitivity.

(2018) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Ilaria Minio-Paluello 1,2; Giuseppina Porciello 1,2; Silvia Mandillo 3; Elisabetta Golini 3; Salvatore M. Aglioti 1,2; Cornelius Gross 4; Francesca R. D'Amato 3

+ Identity recognition a promising oxytocin-relevant endophenotype to stratify autism spectrum conditions

Fiori E1,2,3,4, Oddi D2,4, Ventura R1,4, Colamartino M1,4, Valzania A1,4, D'Amato FR2,4, Bruinenberg V5, van der Zee E5, Puglisi-Allegra S1,4, Pascucci T1,4

+ Early-onset behavioral and neurochemical deficits in the genetic mouse model of phenylketonuria

(2017) in PloS one
Pietropaolo S1,2, Crusio WE3,4, D'amato FR5,6.

+ Treatment Approaches in Rodent Models for Autism Spectrum Disorder

(2017) in Current topics in behavioral neurosciences (Print)
Di Segni M1, Andolina D2, Coassin A3, Accoto A2, Luchetti A4, Pascucci T2, Luzi C5, Lizzi AR5, D'Amato FR6, Ventura R7

+ Sensitivity to cocaine in adult mice is due to interplay between genetic makeup, early environment and later experience

(2017) in Neuropharmacology (Online)
Gauducheau, Manon; Lemaire-Mayo, Valerie; D'Amato, Francesca R; Oddi, Diego; Crusio, Wim E; Pietropaolo, Susanna

+ Age-specific autistic-like behaviors in heterozygous Fmr1-KO female mice.

(2017) in Autism research (Online)
Susanna Pietropaolo, Wim E. Crusio and Francesca R. D'amato

+ Treatment Approaches in Rodent Models for Autism Spectrum Disorder

(2017) Springer-Verlag - Berlin Heidelberg New York, Berlin (Germania) in Social Behavior from Rodents to Humans: Neural Foundations and Clinical Implications., 2017
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