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Research products

Attanasio D., Bruno M., Prochaska W.

+ The Docimian Marble of the Ludovisi and Capitoline Gauls and Other Replicas of the Pergamene Dedications

(2011) in American journal of archaeology
Van Keuren F., Attanasio D., Herrmann Jr. J.J., Herz N., Gromet L.P.

+ Multimethod Analyses ao Roman Sarcophagi at the Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome

(2010) in , 2010
Attanasio D., Bruno M. Yavuz A.B.

+ Villa Adriana: una storia mai finita

(2010) in , 2010
Attanasio D.

+ Teaching with Objects: The Curatorial Legacy of David Gordon Mitten

(2010) Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge [MA] (Stati Uniti d'America) in , 2010
Trillmich W., Goette H.R, Beuthan F., Governale P., Attanasio D.

+ Der “Togatus Vogel” in Berlin-Togastatue und Bildnis Traians

Attanasio D., Mesolella G., Pensabene P., Platania R., Rocchi P.

+ EPR and Petrographic provenance of the architectural white marbles of three buildings at villa Adriana

(2009) 7th ASMOSIA Conference, Thassos
Yavuz A.B., Attanasio D., Elci H., Brilli M., Bruno M.,

+ Discovery and Preliminary Investigation of the Goktepe Marble Quarries (Mugla, Turkey): an Alternative Source of Aphrodisias Marbles

(2009) Maisonneuve et Larose, Paris (Francia) in , 2009
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