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The scientific activity of Dr. Antonio Cricenti has been focused on the study of electronic and structuralproperties of clean surfaces of semiconductors, of metallic overlayers on semiconductor surfaces and biological molecules deposited on surfaces of "real" substrates.

Interest areas:

semiconductor and metal-semiconductor surfaces, biological cells, photoemission, optical reflectivity, scanning probe microscopy

Research activities classification (ERC)


Research products

Bonfigli, F.; Capotondi, F.; Cricenti, A.; Giannessi, L.; Kiskinova, M.; Luce, M.; Mahne, N.; Manfredda, M.; Montereali, R. M.; Nichelatti, E.; Pedersoli, E.; Raimondi, L.; Vincenti, M. A.; Zangrando, M.

+ Imaging detectors based on photoluminescence of radiation-induced defects in lithium fluoride for XFEL beam monitoring

(2019) in Il Nuovo cimento C (2009, Testo stamp.)
Callari, Giuseppina; Mencattini, Arianna; Casti, Paola; Comes, Maria Colomba; Di Giuseppe, Davide; Di Natale, Corrado; Sammarco, Innocenzo; Pietroiusti, Antonio; Magrini, Andrea; Lesci, Isidoro Giorgio; Luce, Marco; Cricenti, Antonio; Martinelli, Eugenio

+ The Influence of Uncertainty Contributions on Deep Learning Architectures in Vision-Based Evaluation Systems

(2019) in IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement
Bondzic, Aleksandra M.; Leskovac, Andreja R.; Petrovic, Sandra Z.; Vasic Anicijevic, Dragana D.; Luce, Marco; Massai, Lara; Generosi, Amanda; Paci, Barbara; Cricenti, Antonio; Messori, Luigi; Vasic, Vesna M.

+ Conjugates of Gold Nanoparticles and Antitumor Gold(III) Complexes as a Tool for Their AFM and SERS Detection in Biological Tissue

(2019) in International journal of molecular sciences (Online)
Ingham, J.; Pilling, M. J.; Craig, T.; Siggel-King, M. R. F.; Smith, C. I.; Gardner, P.; Varro, A.; Pritchard, D. M.; Barrett, S. D.; Martin, D. S.; Harrison, P.; Unsworth, P.; Kumar, J. D.; Wolski, A.; Cricenti, A.; Luce, M.; Surman, M.; Saveliev, Y. M.; Weightman, P.

+ An evaluation of the application of the aperture infrared SNOM technique to biomedical imaging

(2018) in Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express
Craig, Timothy; Smith, Andrew D.; Holder, Gareth M.; Ingham, James; Smith, Caroline I.; Varro, Andrea; Pritchard, D. Mark; Barrett, Steve D.; Martin, David S.; Harrison, Paul; Wolski, Andrzej; Cricenti, Antonio; Luce, Marco; Surman, Mark; Chattopadhyay, Swapan; Weightman, Peter; Siggel-King, Michele R. F.

+ SNOM Imaging of a Crypt-Like Feature in Adenocarcinoma Associated with Barrett's Oesophagus

(2018) in Physica status solidi. B, Basic research
Mencattini, Arianna; Casti, Paola; Fazio, Giuseppe; Ghibelli, Lina; Luce, Marco; Cricenti, Antonio; Martinelli, Eugenio; Di Natale, Corrado

+ Uncertainty Evaluation of a VBM System for AFM Study of Cell-Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Interactions

(2018) in IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement
Gennaro Picardi, Alida Spalloni, Amanda Generosi, Barbara Paci, Nicola Mercuri, Marco Luce, Patrizia Longone, Antonio Cricenti

+ Tissue degeneration in ALS affected spinal cord evaluated by Raman spectroscopy with 457 nm excitation

(2018) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Mencattini A.; Casti P.; Di Giuseppe D.; Callari G.; Salmeri M.; Bertazzoni S.; Martinelli E.; Cricenti A.; Luce M.; Sammarco I.; Pietroiusti A.; Magrini A.; Lesci I.G.; Ferrucci L.

+ A Deep Learning Strategy for Vision-Based Evaluation on the Effect of Nanoparticles Exposure

(2018) IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications, roma Italia, 16/8/2018
Mencattini, A.; Casti, P.; Fazio, G.; Martinelli, E.; Di Natale, C.; Ghibelli, L.; Cricenti, A.; Luce, M.

+ AFM-based robust image analysis to contrast reversal effects in cell-cerium oxide nanoparticles interactions

(2017) in Proceedings of ... IEEE International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication
Halliwell, Diane E.; Morais, Camilo L. M.; Lima, Kassio M. G.; Trevisan, Julio; Siggel-King, Michele R. F.; Craig, Tim; Ingham, James; Martin, David S.; Heys, Kelly; Kyrgiou, Maria; Mitra, Anita; Paraskevaidis, Evangelos; Theophilou, Georgios; Martin-Hirsch, Pierre L.; Cricenti, Antonio; Luce, Marco; Weightman, Peter; Martin, Francis L.

+ An imaging dataset of cervical cells using scanning near-field optical microscopy coupled to an infrared free electron laser

(2017) in Scientific data
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