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Moreira, X., Abdala-Roberts, L., Galmán, A., Bartlow, A.W., Berny-Mier, T.J., Carrari, E., Covelo, F., de la Fuente, M., Ferrenberg, S., Fyllas, N., Hoshika, Y., Lee, S., Marquis, R., Nakamura, M., Nell, C., Pesendorfer, M., Steele, M., Vázquez-González, C., Zhang, S., Rasmann, S.

Ontogenetic consistency in oak defence syndromes

(2020) in Journal of ecology (Online)
Hoshika, Y., Fares, S., Pellegrini, E., Conte, A., Paoletti, E.

Water use strategy affects avoidance of ozone stress by stomatal closure in Mediterranean trees -A modelling analysis

(2020) in Plant, cell and environment (Print)
Mariotti, B., Hoshika, Y., Cambi, M., Marra, E., Feng, Z., Paoletti, E., Marchi, E.

Vehicle-induced compaction of forest soil affects plant morphological and physiological attributes: A meta-analysis

(2020) in Forest ecology and management
Hoshika, Y., Carrari, E., Mariotti, B., Martini, S., De Marco, A., Sicard, P., Paoletti, E.

Flux-based ozone risk assessment for a Plant Injury Index (PII) in three European cool-temperate deciduous tree species

(2020) in Forests
Hoshika, Y., Haworth, M., Watanabe, M., Koike, T.

Interactive effect of leaf age and ozone on mesophyll conductance in Siebold's beech

(2020) in Physiologia plantarum (Online)
Cocozza, C., Paoletti, E., Mrak, T., Zavadlav, S., Levani?, T., Kraigher, H., Giovannelli, A., Hoshika, Y.

Isotopic and Water Relation Responses to Ozone and Water Stress in Seedlings of Three Oak Species with Different Adaptation Strategies

(2020) in Forests
Mrak, T., Eler, K., Badea, O., Hoshika, Y., Carrari, E., Paoletti, E., Kraigher, H.

Elevated ozone prevents acquisition of available N due to smaller root surface area in poplar

(2020) in Plant and soil (Dordr., Online)
Sicard P.; De Marco A.; Carrari E.; Dalstein-Richier L.; Hoshika Y.; Badea O.; Pitar D.; Fares S.; Conte A.; Popa I.; Paoletti E.

Epidemiological derivation of flux-based critical levels for visible ozone injury in European forests

(2020) in Journal of Forestry Research
Hoshika Y., Brilli F., Baraldi R., Fares S., Carrari E., Zhang L., Badea O., Paoletti E.

Ozone impairs the response of isoprene emission to foliar nitrogen and phosphorus in poplar

(2020) in Environmental pollution (1987)
Hoshika, Yasutomo; Paoletti, Elena; Agathokleous, Evgenios; Sugai, Tetsuto; Koike, Takayoshi

Developing Ozone Risk Assessment for Larch Species

(2020) in Frontiers (Boulder)
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