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Leonetti P., Miesen P., van Rij R.P., Pantaleo V.

Viral and subviral derived small RNAs as pathogenic determinants in plants and insects

(2020) in Advances in virus research (Print)
Leonetti P., Ghasemzadeh A., Consiglio A., Gursinsky T., Behrens S.E., Pantaleo V.

Endogenous activated small interfering RNAs in virus-infected Brassicaceae crops show a common host gene-silencing pattern affecting photosynthesis and stress response

(2020) in New phytologist (Print)
Leonetti P., Gazemzadeh A., Gursinsky T., Consiglio A., Behrens S.E., Pantaleo V.

Biotic stress trigger plant endogenous short non-coding RNAs that regulate components of photosynthetic machinery

(2019) Biophysics-of-Phenosynthesis from molecules to the field, Accademia dei Lincei, Roma, 2-4/10/2019
Amer A., Mohamed G., Pantaleo V., Leonetti P., Hanafy M.S.

In vitro regeneration through organogenesis in Egyptian chickpea

(2019) in Plant Biosystems (Firenze, Testo stamp.)
Gago-Zachert S., Schuck J., Weinholdt C., Knoblich M., Pantaleo V., Grosse I., Gursinsky T., Behrens SE.

Highly efficacious antiviral protection of plants by small interfering RNAs identified in vitro

(2019) in nucleic acid research
Rubino L., Pantaleo V.

Reconstruction of plant antiviral DICER functions in the heterologous system Saccharomyces cerevisiae

(2019) 7th European Congress of Virology, Rotterdam Paesi Bassi, 28 Aprile-01 Maggio 2019
Pantaleo V., Ghasemzadeh A., Leonetti P., Chiumenti M., Catacchio C., Miozzi L., Ventura M., Pirovano W.

Characterization of plant endogenous va-siRNAs in CaMV and TYLCSV infections reveals silencing of the photosynthetic machinery as unifying feature

(2019) 7th European Congress of Virology 28 Aprile-01 Maggio 2019, Rotterdam Paesi Bassi, 28 Aprile-01 Maggio 2019
Leonetti P., Soueidan L., Linguiti G., Pantaleo V.

Functional SNPs in resistance gene with essential role in plant nematode defense response.

(2018) PLANT BIOLOGY EUROPE, Copenaghen, Danimarca, 18-21 giugno 2018
Pertermann R., Tamilarasan S., Gursinsky T., Gambino G., Schuck J., Weinholdt C., Lilie H., Grosse I., Golbik R., Pantaleo V., Behrens S.E.

A viral suppressor modulates the plant immune response early in infection by regulating miRNA activity

(2018) in mBio (Online)
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