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Kamarad J.; Kastil J.; Albertini F.; Fabbrici S.; Arnold Z.

Spin disordered resistivity of the heusler Ni2MnGa-based alloys

(2017) in Acta Physica Polonica. A
Wang, Changhai; Levin, Aleksandr A.; Karel, Julie; Fabbrici, Simone; Qian, Jinfeng; ViolBarbosa, Carlos E.; Ouardi, Siham; Albertini, Franca; Schnelle, Walter; Rohlicek, Jan; Fecher, Gerhard H.; Felser, Claudia

Size-dependent structural and magnetic properties of chemically synthesized Co-Ni-Ga nanoparticles

(2017) in Nano research (Print)
Cugini, F.; Porcari, G.; Rimoldi, T.; Orsi, D.; Fabbrici, S.; Albertini, F.; Solzi, M.

On the Broadening of the Martensitic Transition in Heusler Alloys: From Microscopic Features to Magnetocaloric Properties

(2017) in JOM (1989)
L. Caron, B. Dutta, P. Devi, M. Ghorbani Zavareh, T. Hickel, R. Cabassi, F. Bolzoni, S. Fabbrici, F. Albertini, C. Felser, and Sanjay Singh

Effect of Pt substitution on the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of Ni 2 MnGa: A competition between chemistry and elasticity

(2017) in Physical review. B, Condensed matter
Dilmieva, E. T.; Irzhak, A. V.; Kamantsev, A. P.; Koledov, V. V.; Shavrov, V. G.; Grechishkin, R. M.; Krasnoperov, E. P.; Dikan, V. A.; Albertini, F.; Fabbrici, S.; Gonzalez-Legarreta, L.; Hernando, B.

Rapidly Quenched Ferromagnetic Ribbons with Shape Memory for Magnetically Controlled Micromechanic Devices

(2017) in Journal of communications technology & electronics
Karel J.; Fischer J.E.; Fabbrici S.; Pippel E.; Werner P.; Vinicius Castergnaro M.; Adler P.; Ouardi S.; Balke B.; Fecher G.H.; Morais J.; Albertini F.; Parkin S.S.P.; Felser C.

Influence of nanoscale order-disorder transitions on the magnetic properties of Heusler compounds for spintronics

F. Casoli, F. Albertini, S. Fabbrici, L. Nasi, A. di Bona, P. Luches

Exchange-coupled bilayers and nanocomposites based on L10-FePt

(2017) MaCMat-2017(SpinS) Magnetic Coupling in Nanostructured Materials, Roma, 23-24/10/2017
S. Fabbrici1,2, A. Gabay3, R. Cabassi2, F. Albertini2, E. Agostinelli1 and G. Hadjipanayis3

Effects of doping on the magnetic properties of La-Ce misch-metal based (La,Ce)2Fe14B melt spun ribbons: 2:14:B phases for cost effective permanent magnets.

(2016) 61ST ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, New Orleans - Louisiana (USA), 31/10- 4/11/2016
Gabay, A. M.; Cabassi, R.; Fabbrici, S.; Albertini, F.; Hadjipanayis, G. C.

Structure and permanent magnet properties of Zr1-XRXFe10Si2 alloys with R = Y, La, Ce, Pr and Sm

(2016) in Journal of alloys and compounds
Kamarad J.; Fabbrici S.; Kastil J.; Misek M.; Cabassi R.; Cugini F.; Albertini F.; Arnold Z.

Strong magneto-volume effects and hysteresis reduction in the In-doped (NiCo)2MnGa Heusler alloys

(2016) in Journal of alloys and compounds
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