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Mauro Centritto

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Director, National Research Council of Italy (CNR)-Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection

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Agricultural and forest related topics including: photosynthesis, biogenic volatile organic compounds, growth and carbon allocation; impact of elevated CO2 concentration and rising temperature on the physiology and growth of agricultural ecosystems; plant growth and water use efficiency along the gradient of desertification; water saving irrigation techniques and water harvesting technologies.

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Direttore - IPSP
Datore di lavoro: CNR



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Brunetti C., Saleem A.R., Della Rocca G., Emiliani G., De Carlo A., Balestrini R., Khalid A., Mahmood T., Centritto M.

Effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria strains producing ACC deaminase on photosynthesis, isoprene emission, ethylene formation and growth of Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. in response to water deficit

(2021) in Journal of biotechnology
Wu J., Shi Z., Liu S., Centritto M., Cao X., Zhang M., Zhao G.

Photosynthetic capacity of male and female Hippophae rhamnoides plants along an elevation gradient in eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China

(2020) in Tree physiology (Online)
Brunetti C., Savi T., Nardini A., Loreto F., Gori A., Centritto M.

Changes in abscisic acid content during and after drought are related to carbohydrate mobilization and hydraulic recovery in poplar stems

(2020) in Tree physiology
Alderotti F., Brunetti C., Marino G., Centritto M., Ferrini F., Giordano C., Tattini M., Moura B.B., Gori A.

Coordination of Morpho-Physiological and Metabolic Traits of Cistus incanus L. to Overcome Heatwave-Associated Summer Drought: A Two-Year On-Site Field Study

(2020) in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Cocozza C., Brilli F., Pignattelli S., Pollastri S., Brunetti C., Gonnelli C., Tognetti R., Centritto M., Loreto F.

The excess of phosphorus in soil reduces physiological performances over time but enhances prompt recovery of salt-stressed Arundo donax plants

(2020) in Plant physiology and biochemistry (Paris)
Marino G., Haworth M., Scartazza A., Tognetti R., Centritto M.

A comparison of the variable j and carbon-isotopic composition of sugars methods to assess mesophyll conductance from the leaf to the canopy scale in drought-stressed cherry

(2020) in International journal of molecular sciences (Print)
Taylor G.; Donnison I.S.; Murphy-Bokern D.; Morgante M.; Bogeat-Triboulot M.-B.; Bhalerao R.; Hertzberg M.; Polle A.; Harfouche A.; Alasia F.; Petoussi V.; Trebbi D.; Schwarz K.; Keurentjes J.J.B.; Centritto M.; Genty B.; Flexas J.; Grill E.; Salvi S.; Davies W.J.

Sustainable bioenergy for climate mitigation: developing drought-tolerant trees and grasses

(2019) in Annals of botany (Online)
Gori A., Tattini M., Centritto M., Ferrini F., Marino G., Mori J., Guidi L., Brunetti C.

Seasonal and daily variations in primary and secondary metabolism of three maquis shrubs unveil different adaptive responses to Mediterranean climate

(2019) in Conservation Physiology
Haworth M., Marino G., Riggi E., Avola G., Brunetti C., Scordia D., Testa G., Marcos Thiago Gaudio Gomes, Loreto F., Cosentino S.L., Centritto M.

The effect of summer drought on the yield of Arundo donax is reduced by the retention of photosynthetic capacity and leaf growth later in the growing season

(2019) in Annals of botany (Online)
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