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Prodotti della ricerca

Tonezzer M.; Thai N.X.; Gasperi F.; Van Duy N.; Biasioli F.

Quantitative assessment of trout fish spoilage with a single nanowire gas sensor in a thermal gradient

(2021) in Nanomaterials (Basel)
Kim J.-Y.; Kim S.S.; Tonezzer M.

Selective gas detection and quantification using a resistive sensor based on Pd-decorated soda-lime glass

(2021) in Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical (Print)
Khue V.Q.; Huy T.Q.; Phan V.N.; Tuan-Le A.; Thanh Le D.T.; Tonezzer M.; Hong Hanh N.T.

Electrochemical stability of screen-printed electrodes modified with Au nanoparticles for detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

(2020) in Materials chemistry and physics (Print)
Nguyen Xuan Thai; Tonezzer, Matteo; Masera, Luca; Hugo Nguyen; Nguyen Van Duy; Nguyen Duc Hoa

Multi gas sensors using one nanomaterial, temperature gradient, and machine learning algorithms for discrimination of gases and their concentration

(2020) in Analytica chimica acta (Print)
Thai N.X.; Van Duy N.; Hung C.M.; Nguyen H.; Tonezzer M.; Van Hieu N.; Hoa N.D.

Prototype edge-grown nanowire sensor array for the real-time monitoring and classification of multiple gases

(2020) in Journal of science. Advanced materials and devices (Print)
Huy, Tran Q.; Huyen, Pham T. M.; Anh-Tuan Le; Tonezzer, Matteo

Recent Advances of Silver Nanoparticles in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

(2020) in Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry (Print)
Thi Hong Phuoc Nguyen; Tonezzer, Matteo; Thi Thanh Le Dang; Quang Khue Vu; Quang Huy Tran; Duc Hoa Nguyen; Van Hieu Nguyen

Stable Electrochemical Measurements of Platinum Screen-Printed Electrodes Modified with Vertical ZnO Nanorods for Bacterial Detection

(2019) in Journal of Nanomaterials (Print)
Tonezzer, Matteo

Selective gas sensor based on one single SnO2 nanowire

(2019) in Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical (Print)
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