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Luigi Paolo D'acqui

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Canini, F.; Geml, J.; D'Acqui, L. P.; Buzzini, P.; Turchetti, B.; Onofri, S.; Ventura, S.; Zucconi, L.

Fungal diversity and functionality is driven by soil texture in Taylor Valley, Antarctica

(2021) in Fungal ecology (Online)
Guo, Lingke; Shen, Jie; Li, Bing; Li, Qiquan; Wang, Changquan; Guan, Yu; D'Acqui, Luigi P.; Luo, Youlin; Tao, Qi; Xu, Qiang; Li, Huanxiu; Yang, Juan; Tang, Xiaoyan

Impacts of agricultural land use change on soil aggregate stability and physical protection of organic C

(2020) in Science of the total environment
Canini, Fabiana; Geml, Jozsef; D'Acqui, Luigi Paolo; Selbmann, Laura; Onofri, Silvano; Ventura, Stefano; Zucconi, Laura

Exchangeable cations and pH drive diversity and functionality of fungal communities in biological soil crusts from coastal sites of Victoria Land, Antarctica

(2020) in Fungal ecology (Online)
D'Acqui L.P., Certini G., Marchi E., Cambi M.

Machinery's Impact on Forest Soil Porosity

(2020) in Journal of terramechanics (Print)
Chiti T., Certini G., Marzaioli F., D'Acqui L.P., Forte C., Castaldi S., Valentini R.

Composition and turnover time of organic matter in soil fractions with different magnetic susceptibility

(2019) in Geoderma (Amst.)
Fabiana Canini 1,2, Laura Zucconi 1, József Geml 2,3, Luigi Paolo D'Acqui 4, Marco Severgnini 5, Giacomo Mele 6, Valentina Raimondi 7, Lorenzo Palombi 7, Clarissa Consolandi 5, Tania Camboni 5, Silvano Onofri 1, Laura Selbmann 1,8, Alessia Cassaro 1, Claudia Pacelli 1,9, Stefano Ventura 4,10

Antarctic Dry Valleys melt water systems analogues of Martian gullies: characterization of microbial communities and soil properties

(2019) EANA 2019: 19th EANA Astrobiology Conference, Orléans, France, 3rd-6th September 2019

Photoacoustic spectroscopy for estimating nutritional indices in lepidopteran defoliators

(2017) INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON CORK OAK TREES AND WOODLANDS Conservation, Management, Products and Challenges for the Future, Sassari, 25-26/05/2017
Giacomo Mele (1), Laura Gargiulo (1), Laura Zucconi (2), Luigi D'Acqui (3) and Stefano Ventura (3)

3D soil structure characterization of Biological Soil Crusts from Alpine Tarfala Valley

(2017) in Geophysical research abstracts (Online)
Maselli, F.; Vaccari, F. P.; Chiesi, M.; Romanelli, S.; D'Acqui, L. P.

Modelling and analyzing the water and carbon dynamics of Mediterranean macchia by the use of ground and remote sensing data

(2017) in Ecological modelling
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