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Lucia Nasi

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Karel, J.; Casoli, F.; Lupo, P.; Nasi, L.; Fabbrici, S.; Righi, L.; Albertini, F.; Felser, C.

Evidence for in-plane tetragonal c-axis in MnxGa1-x thin films using transmission electron microscopy

(2016) in Scripta materialia
Melchionna M.; Beltram A.; Montini T.; Monai M.; Nasi L.; Fornasiero P.; Prato M.

Highly efficient hydrogen production through ethanol photoreforming by a carbon nanocone/Pd@TiO2 hybrid catalyst

(2016) in Chemical communications (Lond., 1996, Print)
Ranzieri, Paolo; Campanini, Marco; Fabbrici, Simone; Nasi, Lucia; Casoli, Francesca; Cabassi, Riccardo; Buffagni, Elisa; Grillo, Vincenzo; Magen, Cesar; Celegato, Federica; Barrera, Gabriele; Tiberto, Paola; Albertini, Franca

Achieving Giant Magnetically Induced Reorientation of Martensitic Variants in Magnetic Shape-Memory Ni-Mn-Ga Films by Microstructure Engineering

(2015) in Advanced Materials
Campioli, Elisa; Nikolaidou, Domna Maria; Hugues, Vincent; Campanini, Marco; Nasi, Lucia; Blanchard-Desce, Mireille; Terenziani, Francesca

Amplified two-photon brightness in organic multicomponent nanoparticles

Wang C.; Levin A.A.; Nasi L.; Fabbrici S.; Qian J.; Barbosa C.E.V.; Ouardi S.; Karel J.; Albertini F.; Borrmann H.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.

Chemical Synthesis and Characterization of ?-Co2NiGa Nanoparticles with a Very High Curie Temperature

(2015) in Chemistry of materials
F. Casoli, P. Lupo, L. Nasi, R. Cabassi, S. Fabbrici, F. Bolzoni, P. Ranzieri, F. Albertini

Epitaxial Fe3Pt/FePt nanocomposites on MgO and SrTiO3

(2015) in Journal of applied physics
F. Casoli, J. Karel, P. Lupo, S. Fabbrici, L. Nasi, M. Campanini, P. Tiberto, F. Celegato, F. Albertini, C. Felser

Epitaxial films of tetragonal Mn3-xGa: magnetism, morphology and microstructure

(2015) 4th Italian Conference on Magnetism, Bologna, Italia, 17-19 febbraio 2015
F. Casoli, J. Karel, P. Lupo, L. Nasi, S. Fabbrici, L. Righi, F. Albertini, C. Felser

Epitaxial films of tetragonal Mn3Ga: magnetism and microstructure

(2015) 101° Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Fisica, Roma, 21-25/9/2015
F. Casoli, J. Karel, P. Lupo, L. Nasi, S. Fabbrici, L. Righi, F. Albertini, C. Felser

Evidence for In-Plane Tetragonal c-axis in Mn3Ga Thin Films using Transmission Electron Microscopy

(2015) 20th International Conference on Magnetism, Barcelona, Spain, 1/7/2015, 5/7/2015
Beltram, A.; Melchionna, M.; Montini, T.; Nasi, L.; Gorte, R. J.; Prato, M.; Fornasiero, P.

Improved activity and stability of Pd@CeO2 core-shell catalysts hybridized with multi-walled carbon nanotubes in the water gas shift reaction

(2015) in Catalysis Today
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