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Smerieri M.; Celasco E.; Carraro G.; Lusuan A.; Pal J.; Bracco G.; Rocca M.; Savio L.; Vattuone L.

Enhanced Chemical Reactivity of Pristine Graphene Interacting Strongly with a Substrate: Chemisorbed Carbon Monoxide on Graphene/Nickel(111)

(2015) in ChemCatChem (Internet)
M. Smerieri, J. Pal, L. Savio,, L. Vattuone, R. Ferrando, S. Tosoni, L. Giordano, G. Pacchioni, and M. Rocca

Spontaneous Oxidation of Ni Nanoclusters on MgO Monolayers Induced by Segregation of Interfacial Oxygen

M. Smerieri, J. Pal, L. Savio,, L. Vattuone, R. Ferrando, S. Tosoni, L. Giordano, (2015) in The journal of physical chemistry letters
Smerieri, M.; Vattuone, L.; Savio, L.; Langer, T.; Tegenkamp, C.; Pfnuer, H.; Silkin, V. M.; Rocca, M.

Anisotropic Dispersion and Partial Localization of Acoustic Surface Plasmons on an Atomically Stepped Surface: Au(788)

(2014) in Physical review letters (CD-ROM)
Costa, Dominique; Smerieri, Marco; Tranca, Ionut; Savio, Letizia; Vattuone, Luca; Tielens, Frederik

DFT Atomistic Thermodynamics Applied To Elucidate the Driving Force behind Glutamic Acid Self-Assemblies on Silver (100) Surface

(2014) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Pal, J.; Smerieri, M.; Celasco, E.; Savio, L.; Vattuone, L.; Ferrando, R.; Tosoni, S.; Giordano, L.; Pacchioni, G.; Rocca, M.

How Growing Conditions and Interfacial Oxygen Affect the Final Morphology of MgO/Ag(100) Films

(2014) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Pal, Jagriti; Smerieri, Marco; Celasco, Edvige; Savio, Letizia; Vattuone, Luca; Rocca, Mario

Morphology of Monolayer MgO Films on Ag(100): Switching from Corrugated Islands to Extended Flat Terraces

(2014) in Physical review letters (Print)
Vattuone, Luca; Smerieri, Marco; Savio, Letizia; Asaduzzaman, Abu Md; Muralidharan, Krishna; Drake, Michael J.; Rocca, Mario

Accretion disc origin of the Earth's water

(2013) in Philosophical transactions - Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and engineering sciences (Print)
Vattuone, L.; Smerieri, M.; Langer, T.; Tegenkamp, C.; Pfnuer, H.; Silkin, V. M.; Chulkov, E. V.; Echenique, P. M.; Rocca, M.

Correlated Motion of Electrons on the Au(111) Surface: Anomalous Acoustic Surface-Plasmon Dispersion and Single-Particle Excitations

(2013) in Physical review letters (Print)
Soukiassian, Patrick; Wimmer, Erich; Celasco, Edvige; Giallombardo, Claudia; Bonanni, Simon; Vattuone, Luca; Savio, Letizia; Tejeda, Antonio; Silly, Mathieu; D'angelo, Marie; Sirotti, Fausto; Rocca, Mario

Hydrogen-induced nanotunnel opening within semiconductor subsurface

(2013) in Nature communications
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