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Linda Monaci

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R. Pilolli, A. Gadaleta, G. Mamone, D. Nigro, E. De Angelis, N. Montemurro, L. Monaci

Scouting for Naturally Low-Toxicity Wheat Genotypes by a Multidisciplinary Approach

(2019) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
De Dominicis E., Gritti E., Piva M., Meli V., Saner S., Garino C., Locatelli M., Arlorio M., Leonardi G., Portinale L., Monaci L., Lippolis V., Gallo V., Mafra I., Amaral J., Gottardi F., Scaramagli S., Faenza C., Hollosi L., Godula M.

Non targeted screening for food integrity projects: developing a rapid workflow for an efficient combination of analytical techniques and chemometrics

(2018) 5th Food Integrity Conference "Assuring the integrity of the food chain: Delivering real word solutions", Nantes, France, 14-15 November 2018
Rosa Pilolli, Agata Gadaleta, Gianfranco Mamone, Luigia Di Stasio, Domenica Nigro, Elisabetta De Angelis, Nicola Montemurro, Linda Monaci


(2018) in Quality assurance and safety of crops & foods (Online)
De Angelis, Elisabetta; Bavaro, Simona Lucia; Monaci, Linda; Pilolli, Rosa

Effects of the varietal diversity and the thermal treatment on the protein profile of peanuts and hazelnuts

(2018) in Journal of food quality
Pilolli, Rosa; De Angelis, Elisabetta; Monaci, Linda

In house validation of a high resolution mass spectrometry Orbitrap-based method for multiple allergen detection in a processed model food.

(2018) in Analytical & bioanalytical chemistry (Print)
De Angelis, Elisabetta; Bavaro, Simona L.; Forte, Graziana; Pilolli, Rosa; Monaci, Linda

Heat and Pressure Treatments on Almond Protein Stability and Change in Immunoreactivity after Simulated Human Digestion

(2018) in Nutrients
Fiorino, Giuseppina M.; Losito, Ilario; De Angelis, Elisabetta; Logrieco, Antonio F.; Monaci, Linda

Direct analysis in real time coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry as a rapid tool to assess salmon (Salmo salar) freshness

(2018) in Journal of mass spectrometry (Print)
Fiorino G.M.; Garino C.; Arlorio M.; Logrieco A.F.; Losito I.; Monaci L.

Overview on Untargeted Methods to Combat Food Frauds: A Focus on Fishery Products

(2018) in Journal of food quality
Giancaspro, Angelica; Lionetti, Vincenzo; Giove, Stefania L.; Zito, Daniela; Fabri, Eleonora; Reem, Nathan; Zabotina, Olga A.; De Angelis, Elisabetta; Monaci, Linda; Bellincampi, Daniela; Gadaleta, Agata

Cell wall features transferred from common into durum wheat to improve Fusarium Head Blight resistance

(2018) in Plant science (Limerick)
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