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Isabella Pentimone

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Prodotti della ricerca

Pentimone I. Ciancio A.

miRNA-based approaches for sustainable control of diseases

(2021) in Perspectives in agriculture, veterinary science, nutrition and natural resources
Tolba S.R.T., Moustafa M.M.A., Elshawaf I.I.S., Rosso L.C., Pentimone I., Colagiero M., Bubici G., Prigigallo M.I., Ciancio A.

Root endophytism by pochonia chlamydosporia affects defense-gene expression in leaves of monocot and dicot hosts under multiple biotic interactions

(2021) in Plants
Pentimone I., Colagiero M., Rosso L.C., Ciancio A.

Omics applications: towards a sustainable protection of tomato

(2020) in Applied microbiology and biotechnology
Balestrini R., Rosso L.C., Veronico P., Melillo M.T., De Luca F., Fanelli E., Colagiero M., Salvioli di Fossalunga A., Ciancio A., Pentimone I.

Transcriptomic responses to water deficit and nematode infection in mycorrhizal tomato roots

(2019) in Frontiers in microbiology
Pentimone I., Colagiero M., Ferrara M., Nigro F., Rosso LC., Ciancio A.

Time-dependent effects of Pochonia chlamydosporia endophytism on gene expression profiles of colonized tomato roots.

(2019) in Applied microbiology and biotechnology
Nigro F.; Antelmi I.; Labarile R.; Sion V.; Pentimone I.

Biological control of olive anthracnose

(2018) in Acta horticulturae
Pentimone I., Lebron R., Hackenberg M., Rosso L., Colagiero M., Nigro F., Ciancio A.

Identification of tomato miRNAs responsive to root colonization by endophytic Pochonia chlamydosporia

(2018) in Applied microbiology and biotechnology
Pentimone I., Rosso L.C., Colagiero M., Veronico P., Melillo M.T., De Luca F., Fanelli E., Balestrini R., Ciancio A.

Expression of Meloidogyne incognita genes in the interaction with Rhizophagus intraradices and water stress on tomato

(2017) 32nd International Symposium of the European Society of Nematologists, Braga, Portugal, 28Th August-1st September 2016
Colagiero M., Pentimone I., Rosso L. C., Ciancio A.

A metagenomic study on the effect of aboveground plant cover on soil bacterial diversity.

(2017) Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht (Paesi Bassi) in Soil biological communities and ecosystem resilience, 2017
Ciancio A., Pentimone I., Colagiero M., Rosso L.C.

Regulatory factors in Pochonia chlamydosporia-induced gene expression

(2017) Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht (Paesi Bassi) in Perspectives in Sustainable Nematode Management Through Pochonia chlamydosporia Applications for Root and Rhizosphere Health, 2017
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