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Francesco Malandrino, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini

Flexible Parallel Learning in Edge Scenarios: Communication, Computational and Energy Cost

(2022) IEEE PerCom Workshop on Pervasive and Resource-constrained Artificial Intelligence, 2022
Francesco Malandrino; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini; Gian Michele dell'Aera

Edge-powered Assisted Driving For Connected Cars

(2021) in IEEE transactions on mobile computing
Francesco Malandrino, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini

Towards Node Liability in Federated Learning: Computational Cost and Network Overhead

(2021) in IEEE communications magazine (Online)
Jorge Martin Perez; Francesco Malandrino; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini; Milan Groshev; Carlos Bernardos

KPI Guarantees in Network Slicing

(2021) in IEEE/ACM transactions on networking (Online)
Alaa Awad Abdellatif; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini; Francesco Malandrino; Amr Mohamed; Aiman Erbad

Active Learning with Noisy Labelers for Improving Classification Accuracy of Connected Vehicles

(2021) in IEEE transactions on vehicular technology
Francesco Malandrino; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini

Federated Learning at the Network Edge: When Not All Nodes are Created Equal

(2021) in IEEE communications magazine (Online)
Morteza Golkarifard; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini; Francesco Malandrino; Ali Movaghar

Dynamic VNF Placement, Resource Allocation and Traffic Routing in 5G

(2021) in Computer networks
Francesco Malandrino; Alessandro Nordio; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini

Eavesdropping with Intelligent Reflective Surfaces: Threats and Defense Strategies

(2021) IEEE WiOpt, 2021
Cristina Rottondi; Francesco Malandrino; Andrea Bianco; Carla Fabiana Chiasserini; Ioannis Stravakakis

Scheduling of Emergency Tasks for Multiservice UAVs in Post-Disaster Scenarios

(2020) in Computer networks
Zana Limani, Francesco Malandrino, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Alessandro Nordio

Mmwave Beam Management in Urban Vehicular Networks

(2020) in IEEE systems journal
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