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Lorenzi A.; Rastelli D.; Biavati A.; Poncini M.; Alfieri I.; Albertini F.; Gombia E.; Romaniello L.; Montenero A.

Immobilization of iron rich steel industry waste and products characterization

(2015) in Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
S. Rampino, F. Annoni, M. Bronzoni, M. Calicchio, E. Gombia, M. Mazzer, F. Pattini, E. Gilioli

Joule heating-assisted growth of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells

(2015) in Journal of renewable and sustainable energy (Online)
S. Rampino and M. Bronzoni and L. Colace and P. Frigeri and E. Gombia and C. Maragliano and F. Mezzadri and L. Nasi and L. Seravalli and F. Pattini and G. Trevisi and M. Motapothula and T. Venkatesan and E. Gilioli

Low-temperature growth of single-crystal Cu(In,Ga)Se2 films by pulsed electron deposition technique

(2015) in Solar energy materials and solar cells
Gorni M.; Parisini A.; Gombia E.; Baldini M.; Vantaggio S.; Ghezzi C.

Electrical characterization of a buried GaSb p-n junction controlled by native defects

(2014) in Crystal Research and Technology
Zambelli N.; Benassi G.; Gombia E.; Zanichelli M.; Calestani D.

Electroless gold patterning of CdZnTe crystals for radiation detection by scanning pipette technique

(2014) in Crystal Research and Technology
Marco Calicchio, Paola Frigeri, Giovanna Trevisi, Luca Seravalli, Francesca Rossi e Enos Gombia.

Fabrication of strain-induced semiconductor nanotubes

(2014) 1st Parma Nano-Day, Parma, 28-11-2014
Dubecky F.; Zat'Ko B.; Vanko G.; Hubik P.; Oswald J.; Kindl D.; Gombia E.; Kovac J.; Sagatova A.; Necas V.

M/Si-GaAs/M diode: Role of the metal contact in electrical transport, a-particle and photon detection

(2014) Tenth International Conference on Advanced Semiconductor Devices and Microsystems, Smolenice, Slovakia, 20-22 Ottobre 2014
Colace, L. and Bronzoni, M. and De Iacovo, A. and Frigeri, P. and Gombia, E. and Maragliano, C. and Mezzadri, F. and Nasi, L. and Pattini, F. and Rampino, S. and Seravalli, L. and Trevisi, G.

Single-crystal CuIn1 -xGaxSe2 films grown on lattice-matched Ge by low-temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition technique

(2014) 2014 Fotonica AEIT Italian Conference on Photonics Technologies, Napoli, 12-14 Maggio 2014
Dubecky, Frantisek; Kovac, Jaroslav; Kovac, Jaroslav, Jr.; Zat'ko, Bohumir; Oswald, Jiri; Hubik, Pavel; Kindl, Dobroslav; Vanko, Gabriel; Gombia, Enos; Ferrari, Claudio; Bohacek, Pavol; Sagatova, Andrea; Necas, Vladimir; Sekacova, Maria

4H-SiC and novel SI GaAs-based M-S-M radiation hard photodetectors applicable in UV, EUV and soft X-ray detection: Design, technology and performance testing

(2013) in Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering
Baldini, M.; Gombia, E.; Parisini, A.; Ghezzi, C.; Gorni, M.

Admittance spectroscopy on buried GaSb junctions due to defect distribution in GaAs/GaSb metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy heterostructures

(2013) in Journal of applied physics
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