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M. Klepic; A. Fuoco; M. Monteleone; E. Esposito; K. Friess; P. Izák; J. C. Jansen

Effect of the CO2-philic ionic liquid [BMIM][Tf2N] on the single and mixed gas transport in PolyActive(TM) membranes

(2021) in Separation and purification technology (Print)
Iulianelli A.; Manisco M.; Bion N.; Le Valant A.; Epron F.; Colpan C.O.; Esposito E.; Jansen J.C.; Gensini M.; Caravella A.

Sustainable H2 generation via steam reforming of biogas in membrane reactors: H2S effects on membrane performance and catalytic activity

(2021) in International journal of hydrogen energy
Bruno, Rosaria; Mon, Marta; Escamilla, Paula; Ferrando-Soria, Jesus; Esposito, Elisa; Fuoco, Alessio; Monteleone, Marcello; Jansen, Johannes C.; Elliani, Rosangela; Tagarelli, Antonio; Armentano, Donatella; Pardo, Emilio

Bioinspired Metal-Organic Frameworks in Mixed Matrix Membranes for Efficient Static/Dynamic Removal of Mercury from Water

(2021) in Advanced functional materials (Print)
S. A. Felemban, C.G. Bezzu, B. Comesaña-Gándara, J. C. Jansen, A. Fuoco, E. Esposito, M. Carta, N.B. McKeown

Synthesis and gas permeation properties of tetraoxidethianthrene-based polymers of intrinsic microporosity

(2021) in Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Bezzu, C. Grazia; Fuoco, Alessio; Esposito, Elisa; Monteleone, Marcello; Longo, Mariagiulia; Jansen, Johannes C.; Nichol, Gary S.; McKeown, Neil B.

Ultrapermeable Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) Containing Spirocyclic Units with Fused Triptycenes

(2021) in Advanced functional materials (Print)
C. Muzzi; A. Fuoco; S. Bekir; T. Uyard; M. Monteleone; E. Esposito; M. Longo; M. P. De Santo; M. Lan?; K. Friess; O. Vopi?ka; P. Izák; J. C. Jansen; E. Tocci


(2020) MELPRO 2020 - ON LINE International conference focused on membrane and electromembrane processes, where industrial leaders and world-class scientists identify and tackle current issues., PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, 8-11 November 2020
E. Esposito; R. Bruno; M. Monteleone; A. Fuoco; J.F. Soria; E. Pardo; D. Armentano; J.C. Jansen

Glassy PEEK-WC vs. rubbery Pebax®1657 polymers: Effect on the gas transport in CuNi-MOF based mixed matrix membranes

(2020) in Applied sciences
M. Longo; M.P. De Santo; E. Esposito; A. Fuoco; M. Monteleone; L. Giorno; B. Comesaña-Gándara; J. Chen; C. G. Bezzu; M. Carta; I. Rose; N.B. McKeown; J.C: Jansen

Correlating Gas Permeability and Young's Modulus during the Physical Aging of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity Using Atomic Force Microscopy

(2020) in Industrial & engineering chemistry research
M .Klepic; A. Fuoco; M. Monteleone; E. Esposito; K. Friess; Z. Petrusová; P. Izák; J.C: Jansen

Tailoring the thermal and mechanical properties of poly activeTM poly(Ether-Ester) multiblock copolymers via blending with CO2-phylic ionic liquid

(2020) in Polymers (Basel)
C.Muzzi, A. Fuoco, M. Monteleone, E. Esposito, J.C. Jansen, E. Tocci

Optical Analysis of the Internal Void Structure in Polymer Membranes for Gas Separation

(2020) in Membranes (Basel)
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