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S. Abdullayeva, G. Gahramanova, C. Frigeri, N. Musayeva, R. Jabbarov

Investigation of InxGa1-xN multi-quantum wells for energy efficiency light emitting diode

(2017) International Scientific Conference on Sustainable Development Goals-2017, Baku (AZ), 23-24/11/2017
Landesman, Jean-Pierre; Jimenez, Juan; Levallois, Christophe; Pommereau, Frederic; Frigeri, Cesare; Torres, Alfredo; Leger, Yoan; Beck, Alexandre; Rhallabi, Ahmed

Defect formation during chlorine-based dry etching and their effects on the electronic and structural properties of InP/InAsP quantum wells

(2016) in Journal of vacuum science & technology. A. Vacuum, surfaces, and films
Frigeri C.

Electron Beam-Induced Current

(2016) ELSEVIER SCI LTD, THE BOULEVARD, LANGFORD LANE, KIDLINGTON, OXFORD, OXON (Regno Unito) in Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, 2016
Bergamaschini R.; Bietti S.; Castellano A.; Frigeri C.; Falub C.V.; Scaccabarozzi A.; Bollani M.; Von Kanel H.; Miglio L.; Sanguinetti S.

Kinetic growth mode of epitaxial GaAs on Si(001) micro-pillars

(2016) in Journal of applied physics
G. Attolini, J. S. Sophia, C. FRIGERI, E. Buffagni, C. Ferrari, N. Musayeva, R. Jabbarov, M. Bosi

MOVPE growth and characterization of heteroepitaxial germaniumon silicon using iBuGe as precursor

(2016) in Applied surface science
Simona Binetti, Alessia Le Donne, Andrea Rolfi, Beat Jäggi, Beat Neuenschwander, Chiara Busto, Cesare Frigeri, Davide Scorticati, Luca Longoni and Sergio Pellegrino

Picosecond laser texturization of mc-Silicon for photovoltaics: a comparison between 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm radiation wavelengths

(2016) in Applied surface science
Matteo Bosi1, Giovanni Attolini1, Marco Negri1, Cesare Frigeri1, Elisa Buffagni1, Claudio Ferrari1, Tiziano Rimoldi2, Luigi Cristofolini2, Lucrezia Aversa3, Roberta Tatti3, Roberto Verucchi

Buffer layer optimization for the growth of state of the art 3C-SiC/Si

Matteo Bosi1, Giovanni Attolini1, Marco Negri1, Cesare Frigeri1, Elisa Buffagni1, Claudio Ferrari1, Tiziano Rimoldi2, Luigi Cristofolini2, (2015) HeteroSiC-WASMPE 2013, Nizza, 17-19 giugno 2013
C. Frigeri, S. H. Abdullayeva, N. N. Musayeva, A. Huseynov

Chemical and Structural Study of CNTs Synthetized by Aerosol CVD

(2015) International Conference Nanomeeting - 2015, Minsk (Belarus), 26 - 29 May 2015
C. Frigeri, M. Serényi, Zs. Szekrényes, K. Kamarás, A. Csik, N. Q. Khánh

Effect of heat treatments on the properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon for PV and PVT applications

(2015) in Solar energy (Print)
J.P. Landesman, C. Levallois, J. Jiménez, F. Pommereau, Y. Léger, A. Beck, T. Delhaye, A. Torres, C. Frigeri, A. Rhallabi

Evidence of Chlorine Ion Penetration in InP/InAsP Quantum Well Structures during Dry Etching Processes and Effects of induced-Defects on the Electronic and Structural Behaviour

(2015) in Microelectronics and reliability
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