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Hao Zhang, Antonio Dario Troise, Hui Zhang, Vincenzo Fogliano

Cocoa melanoidins reduce the formation of dietary advanced glycation end-products in dairy mimicking system

(2021) in Food chemistry
Antonio Dario Troise, Vincenzo Fogliano, Paola Vitaglione, Claire C Berton-Carabin

Interrelated Routes between the Maillard Reaction and Lipid Oxidation in Emulsion Systems

(2020) in Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
Troise, Antonio Dario; Fogliano, Vincenzo; Madadlou, Ashkan

Tailor it up! How we are rolling towards designing the functionality of emulsions in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract

(2020) in Current Opinion in Food Science
Bottiroli R.; Dario Troise A.; Aprea E.; Fogliano V.; Vitaglione P.; Gasperi F.

Chemical and sensory changes during shelf-life of UHT hydrolyzed-lactose milk produced by "in batch" system employing different commercial lactase preparations

(2020) in Food research international
Antonio Dario Troise, Claire C Berton-Carabin, Paola Vitaglione, Vincenzo Fogliano

Formation of Taste-Active Pyridinium Betaine Derivatives Is Promoted in Thermally Treated Oil-in-Water Emulsions and Alkaline pH

(2020) in Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
El-Nakhel, Christophe; Pannico, Antonio; Kyriacou, Marios C.; Petropoulos, Spyridon A.; Giordano, Maria; Colla, Giuseppe; Troise, Antonio Dario; Vitaglione, Paola; De Pascale, Stefania; Rouphael, Youssef

Dataset on the organic acids, sulphate, total nitrogen and total chlorophyll contents of two lettuce cultivars grown hydroponically using nutrient solutions of variable macrocation ratios

(2020) in Data in brief
Troise A.D.; Colantuono A.; Fiore A.

Spray-dried olive mill wastewater reduces Maillard reaction in cookies model system

(2020) in Food chemistry
El-Nakhel, Christophe; Petropoulos, Spyridon A.; Pannico, Antonio; Kyriacou, Marios C.; Giordano, Maria; Colla, Giuseppe; Troise, Antonio Dario; Vitaglione, Paola; De Pascale, Stefania; Rouphael, Youssef

The bioactive profile of lettuce produced in a closed soilless system as configured by combinatorial effects of genotype and macrocation supply composition

(2020) in Food chemistry
de Falco, Bruna; Petridis, Antonios; Paramasivan, Poornima; Troise, Antonio Dario; Scaloni, Andrea; Deeni, Yusuf; Stephens, W. Edryd; Fiore, Alberto

Reducing toxic reactive carbonyl species in e-cigarette emissions: testing a harm-reduction strategy based on dicarbonyl trapping

(2020) in RSC advances
Nadia Lombardi, Simonetta Caira, Antonio Dario Troise, Andrea Scaloni, Paola Vitaglione, Francesco Vinale, Roberta Marra, Anna Maria Salzano, Matteo Lorito, Sheridan Lois Woo

Trichoderma Applications on Strawberry Plants Modulate the Physiological Processes Positively Affecting Fruit Production and Quality

(2020) in Frontiers in microbiology
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