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Angela Augusti

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Volaire, Florence; Morvan-Bertrand, Annette; Prud'homme, Marie Pascale; Benot, Marie Lise; Augusti, Angela; Zwicke, Marine; Roy, Jacques; Landais, Damien; Picon-Cochard, Catherine

The resilience of perennial grasses under two climate scenarios is correlated with carbohydrate metabolism in meristems

(2020) in Journal of experimental botany
Krajnc, Bor; Bontempo, Luana; Luis Araus, Jose; Giovanetti, Manuela; Alegria, Carla; Lauteri, Marco; Augusti, Angela; Atti, Naziha; Smeti, Samir; Taous, Fouad; Amenzou, Nour Eddine; Podgornik, Maja; Camin, Federica; Reis, Pedro; Maguas, Cristina; Bucar Miklavcic, Milena; Ogrinc, Nives

Selective Methods to Investigate Authenticity and Geographical Origin of Mediterranean Food Products

(2020) in Food reviews international (Print)
Stefan Karlowsky, Angela Augusti, Johannes Ingrisch, Mohammad Kamal Uddin Akanda, Michael Bahn, Gerd Gleixner

Drought-induced accumulation of root exudates supports post-drought recovery of microbes in mountain grassland

(2018) in Frontiers in plant science
P. Paris*, F. Camilli**, M. Lauteri*, A. Pisanelli*, C. Consalvo*, A. Augusti*, A. Rosati***

L'olivo in consociazione, una risorsa contro il cambiamento climatico

(2018) in Terra e vita
P Paris*4, A Augusti4, P Burgess5, M Bury6, F Chiocchini4, L Cumplido-Marin5, G Facciotto3, PM Chiarabaglio3, A Graves5, M Lauteri4, L Leonardi4, R Martens2, C Morhart1, AE Rossi3, M Tarchi7, M Nahm1


(2018) EURAF 2018, Agroforestry as Sustinabale Land Use, Nijmegen, Olanda, 28-31 maggio 2018
Gianni Facciotto1, Pierluigi Paris2, Domenico Coaloa1, 2Marco Lauteri, 2Angela Augusti, 2Francesca Chiocchini, 2Luciano Spaccino, 2Marcello Cherubini, 3Massimo Tarchi

Economic and environmental sustainability of Sida and other biomass crops on Italian farms

(2018) The International Scientific Conference "Novel and Sustainable Patwhways of Biomass Production", Szczecin, Poland, 19-20 Sept. 2018, 19-20 sept. 2018
Marco Lauteri, Angela Augusti, Francesca Chiocchini, Marco Ciolfi, Claudia Consalvo, Giuseppe Russo, Pierluigi Paris, Andrea Pisanelli

Considerations on local development and the Mediterranean legacy

(2018) I annual meeting of the REALMED project "Pursuing authenticity and valorization of Mediterranean traditional products", Ljubljana, Slovenia, 25-26/10/2018
Ying Xu, Jo Smith, Laurence Smith, Mignon ?andor, Mugur Jitea, Adrian Gliga, Robert Borek, Rafa? Wawer, Andrea Pisanelli, Giuseppe Russo, Angela Augusti, Marco Lauteri, Marco Ciolfi Lisa Mølgaard Lehmann, Bhim Bahadur Ghaley

Manuscript on agronomic productivity and resource use efficiency for identification of knowledge gaps in IFNS

Ying Xu, Jo Smith, Laurence Smith, Mignon ?andor, Mugur Jitea, Adrian Gliga, Robert Borek, Rafa? Wawer, Andrea Pisanelli, Giuseppe Russo, Angela Augusti, Marco Lauteri, Marco Ciolfi (2018)
Karlowsky, Stefan; Augusti, Angela; Ingrisch, Johannes; Hasibeder, Roland; Lange, Markus; Lavorel, Sandra; Bahn, Michael; Gleixner, Gerd

Land use in mountain grasslands alters drought response and recovery of carbon allocation and plant-microbial interactions

(2017) in Journal of ecology (Print)
Ingrisch, Johannes; Karlowsky, Stefan; Anadon-Rosell, Alba; Hasibeder, Roland; König, Alexander; Augusti, Angela; Gleixner, Gerd; Bahn, Michael

Land Use Alters the Drought Responses of Productivity and CO2 Fluxes in Mountain Grassland

(2017) in Ecosystems (N. Y., Print)
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