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Towards net zero carbon livestock farming (DBA.AD001.425)

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Scienze bio-agroalimentari

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Intensificazione sostenibile delle produzioni agroalimentari e forestali (DBA.AD001)

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C-NEUTRAL will deliver a decision support tool to measure carbon balance of farms & knowledge to mitigate GHG emissions & maximise sequestration accelerating the journey to carbon-neutral livestock farms. In response to Europe's net zero 2050 target, the environmental (predominantly carbon) footprint ofruminant livestock systems is very important. Current tools calculate GHG emissions only and do not adequately recognise and account for on-farm Carbon storage and sequestration. They tend also to focus on individual enterprises rather than at a whole farm level. Current tools predominately report enterprise gross GHG emission & not the whole farm business net GHG emission. This results in the publication of gross farm GHG emission figures, which are significantly higher than the net GHG emissions, exaggerating and perpetuating the negative impression of the farming industry. C-NEUTRAL will measure annual carbon balance - through a net carbon assessment dashboard, based on multiple geographically (UK and Italian) and enterprise diverse farms.


C-NEUTRAL will develop a Smart Net-Zero Carbon Tool, a calculator which resolves and simplifies the bias effecting calculations of the carbon footprint of European ruminant livestock systems. The project will develop a 'menu' of activity that links farming system to reductions in GHG and maximises sequestration. C-NEUTRAL will stimulate positive behavioural changes among farmers. The net carbon calculator will develop a sustainability mind-set among farmers, improving their sustainability shrewdness. User-centred design of the tool will be carried out to ensure that it meets farmer needs and two-way knowledge exchange will foster peer-to-peer learning about some of the potential economic benefits of proper carbon accounting. The long-term output, determined by the use of the net carbon calculator, will create shits in behaviour which develop a sustainability mind-set among farmers, improving their sustainability shrewdness - settng the benchmark of how Europe's ruminant livestock systems can become carbon neutral.

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Sustainable agriculture, GHG emission reduction, Changing behaviour/attitudes

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