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StudioCommissionato_POLI_ MICROBIOARCTIC_Studio del microbioma estremofilo per il benessere dell'ecosistema Artico (DCM.AD007.076)

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Scienze chimiche e tecnologie dei materiali

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Chimica e materiali per la salute e le scienze della vita (DCM.AD007)

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Istituto di chimica biomolecolare (ICB)

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Telefono: 0818675311


The largest part of the planet is covered by cold environments; consequently, cold-adapted microorganisms have crucial functional roles in globally important environmental processes and biogeochemical cycles. Extremophiles are a remarkable model to shed light on the molecular basis of survival at low temperature. The indigenous populations of Arctic and Antarctic microorganisms are endowed with genetic and physiological traits that allow them to live and effectively compete at the temperatures prevailing in polar regions. The investigation of bacterial and archaeal communities that live in Arctic environments will be the focus of the present project. Moreover, the taxonomical and biochemical characterization of isolated microorganisms, including the study molecules with bio-technologically properties, will be performed.


Exploration of microbial diversity in Arctic environments: the importance of extremophiles is closely linked to their immense diversity and their ability to produce biomolecules that perform vital functions in situ and at the same time have unique characteristics with respect to their counterpart considered "normal".

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Artico, microbioma, psicrofili

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