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PROG. MEDGOLD H2020 (DBA.AD001.291)

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Scienze bio-agroalimentari

Area progettuale

Intensificazione sostenibile delle produzioni agroalimentari e forestali (DBA.AD001)

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Istituto per la BioEconomia (IBE)

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Telefono: 055-3033711


MED-GOLD will demonstrate the proof-of-concept for climate services in the agriculture sector by developing case studies
for three hallmarks of the Mediterranean food system: grapes, olives and durum wheat. Agriculture is primarily climatedriven
and hence highly vulnerable to climate variability and change. Evidence suggests that the Mediterranean region is
under immediate threat of shifting climate patterns and the associated ecological, economic and social effects. Developing a
capacity to turn the increasingly big climate-related data into tailored climate services that can inform decision-making in
agriculture, is therefore a priority both in Europe and worldwide. The long-term goal of this project is to make European
agriculture and food systems more competitive, resilient, and efficient in the face of climate change, by using climate
services to minimize climate-driven risks/costs and seize opportunities for added-value


The expected outcomes from MED-GOLD include
o creating tailored and potentially replicable climate services for three case studies in the agriculture sector (Work Packages - WPs - 2, 3, 4; WP6 for potential replicability);
o developing innovative tools for the management of risks associated to the spread of pests, diseases, yield losses and other climate related threats for the cultivation of grape, olive, and durum wheat (Tasks 2.2, 3.2, 4.2);
o supporting decision-making with demonstrated added value for the management of climate-driven risks including pests (a new area in climate services) (Tasks 2.4, 3.4, 4.4; WP5);
o creating a data interface that will allow the exploitation of climate data from different sources (including the Copernicus Data Store) for the agricultural sector (Task 1.4);
o promoting a well informed and connected community of Mediterranean users of climate services in the agricultural sector (WP5).

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