Rivista italiana di informatica e diritto: call for paper for an issue focused on "Internet governance and digital transformation"


Flyer call for papers
Flyer call for papers

Rivista italiana di informatica e diritto -an on line open access magazine edited by Cnr-Igsg- dedicates a special issue to Internet governance and digital transformation, calling on scholars and experts to share and deepen the many issues that today impact on the evolution of the Internet ecosystem and its governance, in its various aspects (technical, legal, economic, social and political).

The term "Internet governance" refers to the rules, policies, standards and best practices that coordinate and shape the ecosystem of the Net. It has been used since the very beginning, mainly with reference to unique Internet identifiers, such as domain names and IP addresses. The rise of new and increasingly numerous implications of an economic, political and social nature, affecting every sector of contemporary society and all closely related to the so-called digital transformation, has determined the current nature of Internet governance, a broad and multidisciplinary research field.

The topics discussed on Internet Governance debates are part of a global reflection centered on the development of the digital world: global connectivity, public goods, inclusion, capacity building, human rights, artificial intelligence, trust and security, global cooperation, models and geopolitics of Internet Governance.

This is a field of study, as broad as it is complex, in which different but complementary skills interact, all necessary to investigate the rules, policies, standards and practices of global cyberspace. 

Main topics of interest

Digital Governance
Digital Sovereignty
Social and economic digital inclusion
Innovative digital technologies
Universal access
Cultural diversity
Green web and sustainable technologies
Internet for human resilience and solidarity
Internet accessibility
Emerging regulations between ensuring rights and market protection
Human rights in digital societies
Digital cultural heritage
Digital healthcare systems
Digital rights
Online training and education

Important dates

September 30, 2021Submission of an abstract (4,000-6,000 characters)
October 30, 2021 Notification of abstract acceptance
December 30, 2021 Full paper submission (maximum 60,000 characters)
February 28, 2022 Notification of the outcome of the review process

Scientific committee: Laura Abba, Adriana Lazzaroni e Marina Pietrangelo.

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Laura Abba
CNR - Istituto di informatica e telematica
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