First conference "Green manufacturing: Opportunities, challenges and impacts on citizens' lives"

Il 07/03/2018 ore 09.00 - 16.30

Aristotle University Research Dissemination Centre, Aristotle University Campus
3rd Septemvriou str.
54636 Thessaloniki

Greenomed flyer
Greenomed flyer

The conference aims at raising awareness about green manufacturing and its opportunities and impacts on citizens’ lives through implementing green innovations in manufacturing industry. In particular, the first Greenomed conference targets general public aiming to make aware normal citizens on their role in enhancing sustainable innovations and green technologies.

The conference is organized into two parts: plenary morning sessions, and parallel sessions in the afternoon. 

The first morning session focuses on the reasons why circular economy and green manufacturing could enhance a better quality of life investigating the impacts on the everyday life of citizens. The second morning session will focus on the social and economic impacts that green manufacturing can bring to the society. In particular, the opportunities for job creation and local development as well as the skills and competencies will be the main topics of discussion during the second plenary session.  

In the afternoon, some parallel workshops are foreseen where citizens can directly interact with different stakeholders (NGOs, companies, other modular projects, etc.) discussing about green manufacturing from different perspectives including:

  • Green entrepreneurship and innovative ideas 
  • Urban waste management and strategy
  • Innovation public procurement for green manufacturing
  • Reducing carbon footprint of food manufacturers

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Consorzio Greenomed Project

Referente organizzativo:
Giacomo Copani
Itia - Cnr
Via Alfonso Corti 12, 20133 Milano

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