Immunological synapses in human health and disease

Il 03/03/2017 ore 14.30 - 15.30

Sala Conferenze, Area della Ricerca NA1, Via P. Castellino, 111 80131 Napoli

Dr Salvatore Valitutti, from INSERM, Toulouse (France) has a long-standing interest in the study of the molecular composition, dynamics and function of immunological synapses formed between cells of the human immune system. He  will give a seminar on TH cell/mast cell synaptic interactions, focusing on the lytic synapses formed by human cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) when interacting with target cells.

In the first part of his talk, he will summarize his contribution to the field of human CTL biology and in particular to the notion of the high sensitivity, rapidity and efficacy of CTL responses. He will introduce the concept of lytic versus stimulatory synapse dichotomy in human CTLs and he will illustratate how this concept evolved on the basis of their recent findings on the heterogenous killing behaviors of individual CTLs.

In the second and main part of the talk, he will expose his recent findings on the molecular mechanism of human CTL-mediated cytotoxicity by describing the events occurring on both sides of the CTL/target cell lytic synapses during the very early moments of cell-cell interaction. He will discuss: i) how extremely rapid steps of lytic granule secretion occur at the lytic synapse and ii) how melanoma cells defend themselves from the CTL attack at the lytic synapse via the rapid secretion of their lysosomes. 

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Daniela Corda
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