Research project

ECMWF/COP/2021/C3S2_311_Lot_2/CNR-IMAA (DTA.AD004.405)

Thematic area

Earth system science and environmental technologies

Project area

Osservazione della Terra (DTA.AD004)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute of methodologies for environmental analysis (IMAA)

Project manager

Phone number: 0971427252


The C3S2_311_Lot2 contract widens the efforts spent within the C3S 311a Lot3 ("Access to observations from baseline and reference networks") andC3S 311c Lot2 ("Historic In Situ Upper Air Database") contracts of Cop1 to facilitate the access to and the homogenization of comprehensive upper-air, baseline and reference observations for a subset of GCOS relevant ECVs.
The contract consists in 5 work packages:
WP0 - Management (lead: CNR), WP1 - Access to baseline and reference networks and harmonization (lead: BIRA-IASB), WP2 - Collection andhomogenization of comprehensive upper-air observations (lead: UNIVIE), WP3 - Public provision of data services via the CDS (lead: CNR), WP4 -Outreach and improvement of data policies (lead: CNR).
The contract is led by CNR-IMAA, which has a leadership role in the remote sensing community and a proven capability to provide support andtechnological transfer to end users. The Contractor will implement an intensive work plan with the support of 5 subcontractors: University of Wien,Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, BK Scientific GmbH, National University of Ireland - Maynooth, Tallinn University of Technology.

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C3S2, 311, Lot2

Last update: 03/12/2023