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USDA 2021-2022 A global, reciprocal sentinel gardens approach to assess risk of invasion by alien pathogens and insect pests of important woody plant species. (DBA.AD001.465)

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Biology, agriculture and food sciences

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Intensificazione sostenibile delle produzioni agroalimentari e forestali (DBA.AD001)

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Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection (IPSP)

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In Florence, Italy, North American tree species will be planted, for identifying European pests attacking those tree species and that may be exported with the trade in plants for planting.
Activities -nurseries in Florence
o In Italy, the field will be established in Florence. Plants will be watered as required and otherwise taken care of in order to create optimal conditions for growth. No pest management measures will be applied.
o Six woody plants will be selected.
o The nurseries will be established in Spring 2019 and will not be protected by any means against local pests. Two blocks of 25 plants each per each species has been established. Blocks are planted according to a random design. Plants has been spaced 50 cm apart. Blocks were spaced 2 meters apart.
The two nurseries will be surveyed in June and October, in 2020, 2021 (= 2 seasons of observations). Both visual surveys and beating (for invertebrates) will be used. Invertebrates and pathogens that may be carried by the plants and that are supposedly plant pests (i.e. not predators or other organisms that are likely to be on the plant by chance) will be collected and identified.


Monitorare la presenza di insetti e patogeni su alberi di specie americane impiantate nel vivaio sperimentale di Ugnano

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Sentinel plantings, Early detection, pest and pathogens, invasive forest pathogens

Last update: 08/02/2023