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HEALS Health and Envinronment-wide Associations based on Large population (DSB.AD008.176)

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Biomedical sciences

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Tecnologie Applicate alle Scienze Biomediche (DSB.AD008)

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Institute of clinical physiology (IFC)

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Phone number: 050 315-3711


Assessing individual exposure to environmental stressors and predicting health outcomes implies that both environmental exposures and epi/genetic variations are reliably measured simultaneously. HEALS (Health and Environment-wide Associations based on Large population Surveys) brings together in an innovative approach a comprehensive array of novel technologies, data analysis and modeling tools that support efficiently exposome studies.
The general objective of HEALS is the refinement of an integrated methodology and the application of the corresponding analytical and computational tools for performing environment-wide association studies in support of EU-wide environment and health assessments. The exposome represents the totality of exposures from conception onwards, simultaneously identifying, characterizing and quantifying the exogenous and endogenous exposures and modifiable risk factors that predispose to and predict diseases throughout a person's life span. The HEALS approach brings together and organizes environmental, socio-economic, exposure, biomarker and health effect data.

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Environment, Survey, Population

Last update: 11/12/2023