Research project

Electromagnetic guided in-situ laser fenestration of endovascular endoprosthesis (DIT.AD007.002)

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Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

Project area

Robotica e Automatica (DIT.AD007)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute of applied physics "Nello Carrara" (IFAC)

Project manager

Phone number: 0555225337


This project aims at providing a novel x-ray free 3D electromagnetic (EM) guidance system for an innovative procedure: the "Endovascular aneurysm repair via in-situ laser endograft fenestration".
The Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) is a catheter-based surgical technique allowing the minimally invasive repair of aneurisms, strongly related to metabolic diseases, with the fluoroscopically guided implantation of covered stents. The most important limitation to the application of the endovascular approach is the presence of vital branches in the aneurysm or in close proximity to it. The EM guided fenestration procedure will extend the indication for EVAR also to patients with unfavorable anatomy. Partners with medical and technical background will collaborate for the:
- optimization of an EM 3D navigator and development of a laser technology for a safety fenestration;
- development of the innovative x-ray free surgical technique;
- testing on synthetic model and ex-vivo tissues.


The specific aim of the project is the optimization of an endovascular navigator prototype (developed at EndoCAS) and integration of a sensorized laser system for the in-situ endograft fenestration. The final system will comprise an IMAGE MODULE, to load and visualize the patient specific virtual model (extracted from 3D radiological dataset); a SENSORIZED INSTRUMENT MODULE, based on an electromagnetic localizer and calibration routines to track in real-time the position of sensorized surgical instruments;a registration/calibration module for the precise alignment of data provided by the IMAGE model and the SENSORIZED INSTRUMENT MODULE; a GUI allowing the surgeon to navigate inside the vascular tree in a friendly and intuitive manner.
Study and implementation of the laser technology for a safety in-situ fenestration will be implemented.

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laser fenestration, endovascular, endograft

Last update: 24/02/2024