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Beyond Brexit: challenges and opportunities for scientific research between Italy and the UK


Handshake between President Cnr and the British ambassador
Handshake between President Cnr and the British ambassador

Anacapri, 4 October 2017 - The High Level Research Italy–UK Bilateral Meeting will take place today and tomorrow at the National Centre for Research Observatory for Culture, Research, Training and Scientific Publication in Anacapri (formerly known as Swedish Observatory). The high level meeting is organised by CNR - Italian Research Council (International Relations) in cooperation with the Science and Innovation Network and the British Embassy Rome. A unique opportunity for discussions and scientific diplomacy following the outcome of the UK referendum on 23 June 2016 which gave way to the UK’s formal exit from the EU.


The discussions will focus on the challenges and opportunities represented by Brexit. “This significant change within the EU could have repercussions in the scientific field, for example for representation in the decision making processes, participation on guidelines and themes of Horizon 2020, on the methods and allocations of financing for European research projects, both ongoing as well as future ones”, explained Massimo Inguscio, President of the Italian National Research Council who opened the high level bilateral meeting in Anacapri today. “The Italian research system continues to be at an excellent level, among the best in Europe, including for the number of assigned Erc and in fundamental areas such as the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and quantum technologies. At the same time we must look for innovation solutions in agreement with institutional research policies to attract and retain the best researchers, both Italian and foreign. We are committed to reversing this trend, cooperating with countries known for their commitment to research and excellent management of funds, such as the UK. Science is inclusive, without borders and always committed to investing in the best”.


“British scientific research is an expression of excellence at the global level in various areas” commented British Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris, “we are able to attract very advanced projects and brilliant international researches to our structures. British research plays a leading role in the acquisition of Erc grants for border research and the coordination of international projects funded under Horizon 2020. The UK is leaving the EU but the commitment of the British government to strengthen and expand our relations in the scientific field with all our European partners, Italy included, is solid. I would also like to recognise and praise the talent and dedication of the many Italian researchers who have given and continue to give a significant contribution to the success of the research Made in Britain and to the advancement of scientific progress in a broader sense”.


The two day meeting in Anacapri will see the participation of high representatives from the main research organisations, universities and researchers of the two countries. A session on Brexit (today at 2pm) will be followed by two workshops on quantum technologies and innovative technologies for cultural heritage (3pm), areas of strategic interest at the national level for the valorisation of talents and for the development of cooperative actions in research and innovation which require further investments and attention.


Rome, 4th October 2017


Who: Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche, Relazioni internazionali

What: bilateral meeting Italiy – UK ‘High Level Research’

Where: Anacapri, Centro congressi Cnr 'Osservatorio Cultura Ricerca Formazione Divulgazione'

When: 4-5 october 2017

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