Quality of life, safety and environmental sustainability, economic recovery, as well as people’s health and wellbeing are the purposes of Europe 2020. Research and Innovation is one of five measurable EU targets for 2020 that will steer the process and be translated into national targets.

The Cnr will play a key role in this process through development policies as a strategic partner in innovation and competitiveness of the production system both in traditional sectors and emerging new ones: it will consolidate and nurture scientific research thus encouraging its implementation into the social, industrial and institutional milieu.

The Strategic Planning 2013-2022 will contribute to the broadening of fields of knowledge and research; to the development and nurturing of new technologies and skills; to the enticement, training and qualification of young researchers within a more international framework. Main guidelines of the Strategic Planning:

  • Enhancing and Valorization of Scientific Research
  • Widen, Strengthen and Expand our Researchers’ Community
  • Strengthen  productive  competiveness  and  innovation  through  Advanced  Technology
  • Knowledge and Education Transfer and Implementation


Last update: 11/07/2018